Quiz and the exams

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Yep! Exams yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after. Both Social Science and English were pretty moderate in difficulty. Nothing much. Take a quiz today!

Take the quiz: "What High School Stereotype Are You?"

You're normal. You don't quite fit into a label, you just are. Congratulations on being boring and plain.

--Not until I throw a chair at you!

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Music Are You? :::pics:::"

You're about as hardcore as they come. Music is your passion and you listen to it for talent not because it's popular. You probably have a lot of respect for all artforms and you like classical piano. Slipknot definitely sucks in your eyes...and for good reason. Any band who takes the time to put on make-up and masks just isn't worth your respect.

--Yes! This one, I like!

Take the quiz: "Are you Spy Material?"

Burger Flipper
OK, so you can deal with pressure, stress, and a fast-moving, unpredictable situation. That's a start... Now just round off the rough edges and you're heading in the right direction.

--I never was good at being a spy anyway.


True Christian
You are humble, gracious, kind and extremely Christ-like. You believe in the bible as your law, but read it in its original language. Perhaps you're not a scholar, but you're not an armature either. You normally don't feel church is acceptable for your form of worship, and if anyone believes different from you, you might try to learn something from them.



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