These past few days

thoughts... "You mean to tell me we went back in time to when the evil guy in the Mummy movie was still alive? What was his name again? Impotent?" - Chris, QoFRPG 4 - Warp Drifters
obsession... More KoF, QoF, DesCha, and free time. Not to mention a passing grade.
resonance... Pampas Upas (Extreme Mix) - SoundTeMP Special Remix Soundtrack

Teacher's Day back at Wednesday. It feels like the Grade School had a better day than the High School. Not to mention, I think the High School's idea was a bad one. Instead of a nice relaxing or fun day, the teachers made lesson plans for the selected students to teach while they patrol the corridors. Not good. They just made themselves even more tired. Again, the Grade School teachers had a better time. They had games to play made by their students.

On the other hand, though tired, the High School teachers granted a three-day school play/dance/singing show for themselves. It was called "Si Sir, Si Mam, At ang Musika" which even if I didn't translate, you'd get the idea anyway. Like Raz said, it was either a show of talent or a chance for their students to laugh at them. It was fun though considering how much we wanted to see the other side of our teachers. It was tiring for them but it was sure to get away from stress.

Favorite quotes during the show includes:
1. "Mayaman ako!" *waves or throws fake money* -Mr. Antonil
2. Gula! Gula! Gula! Gula! Gula! -The students

Reach out on Thursday. We went to the prisoner's rehabilitation center. I was first in line. Oh I'm sorry it took me a long time for me to realize it. So I was a bit carried away. Strangely though, I never felt fear. Instead, I was feeling my perky self (lalalalala la la!!). When we went inside, all I could say is: THE SCENERY WAS AMAZING!!!! It felt like a visit in a park instead of a prison house. I wish I could bring a camera inside. The inmates on the other hand were kind of friendly. You'd never suspect them of doing anything. They made handicrafts for visitors to buy so that they could buy themselves food. Poor them.

The presentation and interaction was fun. Even if they were prisoners, they can share very important thoughts to us. To my partner, he said to me that it was better to be yourself and that "all letters share secrets and that even if it was kept away, it would still keep on sharing." I'd keep that to my heart always.

...I couldn't help but buy souvenirs too. I got a ship in a bottle, a picture frame, and a cigarette-looking er...whatya call 'em that you put on your car's windshield?

Yesterday was our recollection. Roche's an asshole and I didn't let him pass on being an even worse assole than he was back then. So our lives are like pencils. True enough, I got the message. Nothing much happened afterwards.

Outside the timeline, there was KoF, QoF, DesCha and some miscellaneous(?) stuff. KoF is fun with Raziel on my side. W00t! I love a quick play even if I did lose sometimes. A shocking discovery though! K's Heat Driver, when fully charged, can be block low. OMG!! We thought it was unblockable!! I got back to the KoFRPG in QoF. I'm surprised that Jem-Chan took part in a DesCha episode. Her first time was very good, unlike mine. Also, I got new earphones today! Yay!


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