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Waii! I should have gone to the Overdose Concert back in Kabihasnan. Teh ponkhan (there can only be one orange), says that it was very well worth it! Waii! I just wasted 100 PhP!! >.<

We watched the Philippine Ballet from CCP today. I dun wanna give critics. I'll let teh ponkhan, teh cow (don't take it too seriously now), and teh somebody (whose grades finally got up so that he can already use the computer) do the critics for me.

Welcome back to my RO life where it had been completely overrun by doom, doom, and doom...not to mention daikyo. Fricking annoying thing! My mage in pRO Loki just died out on me again! I mean, he'd been killed going to Juno for the nth time! Even before the map loads, I get killed by a Driller or a Sleeper. Just when I'm nearing a portal, a horde of Sleepers and Demon Pungi pulverizes me. And finally, just when I was about to get to the bridge to get to Juno, I get killed by a Driller just waiting for me! I lost all my money! >.< Well at least I killed a few Geogs (Geographers) on the way not to mention 2x EXP for 2 weeks! ^_^!!

Going back to me, I'm me! I'm the spawn of my own fricking imagination. My multiple persona is granted because of my mind...I let myself manipulate myself. It was so surprising that you can brag yourself about yourself arrogantly or how you could be so vain. Ack! I let my characters Deo and Dylan just get control over me. But perhaps it wasn't my characters. Perhaps I really was like this from the beginning.

Even scary about me is the fact that I can actually think of a phrase and people would actually say it in about a few seconds or so. It's like I'm precognitive except I can't actually say that it will happen or not. What's even scarier is that it happens MOST of the times and sometimes affect me. o_O

"I have a friend who asks money from me. I gave him away some money because I like him as a friend. Now, he just kept asking for more. I shouldn't have let him for I fear I might spoil him." That was just my answer to Chico and Del's Top Ten for this day, 'The top 10 things you shouldn't have done out of love' or something similar to that phrase. I just hope it's not too late.

Iz fine...I guess.

"Calling all catchers! For 5 hours, you are now obliged to catch snarks...on 0 gravity."
- Me during Kabihasnan fair


The Fair and Testimonials

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'twas Kabihasnan fair today and yesterday! Well it was fun while it lasted. Acutally, on Friday, we still had a little Reach Out where we had to take care little orphan boys. My teacher had me to think 7 games for them and damn him for making me think so many when we only played 2. He really ticks me off but he's not the only one. I couldn't stand Duran anymore. Threats are useless to him. You really have to kill him just for him to get the idea. A-hole.

I just watched Kung Fu Hustle. We had a Movie Booth ran by my batchmates. That movie was just hilarious! Who would have ever thought that those little manuals that costs 20 cents (but was bought for $10...scammer) could make you masters of martial arts someday. Haha! No spoilers here though...maybe except that one but hey!

The scariest in the Kabihasnan booth are the catchers. They have the reputation to the extent that I thought thieves and robbers didn't even have. They were everywhere, from the "kissing" booth to the jail booth. Every few minutes or so, an announcer would start dictating whom to catch i.e. all people with bags, etc.... I barely escaped a bunch of them yesterday too. So far, I have never been caught without bail except two years back where the kissing booth catchers have to stamp my arm. Bleah! Well, this time, I've eluded them all! HAHA!

I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THE SHOOTING RANGE! I love it so much, I even volunteered myself there to do work, and it wasn't even my class' booth! It was Khan and R2's booth and I'm their booth's top customer! I had good practice with their pellet guns. My only complaint is the pellet ricocheting or the targets (they were plastic figures i.e. small plastic piggy banks, bath time ducks...) getting "saved" by the curtain behind. Well, it couldn't be helped. Also, I got the prize I wanted by accident! I didn't know that to get Choco Mallows, you have to get 12 points (1 per each fall). I just bought 3 tickets (each ticket costs 20 PhP and gives you 6 pellets), didn't ask for my prize yet, and when I collected my prize, I got my Choco Mallows! Yay!

My cousin also went with us in the fair. I almost forgot to introduce her to some of my friends, mainly Jam and Sean She said she had a great time and said I had good friends but was annoyed by one, Mijo. She said that she kept talking and talking and that how he annoys her so. She'd rather hang around with Sean, Khan, and Jam. Of course, she'd also rather hang around with her friends she found around the fair grounds and with her cousin, my cousin-in-law and former classmate, Patrick. And finally, she'd rather be alone far, far away from MJ. However, there was one little thing she liked about MJ. He gave her a Chillers Drink, his money.

It's true that MJ somehows annoys us all. He's very arrogant at one point, he doesn't know when to shut up, he doesn't know what words to say, and a lot more. The only reason why we can tolerate him is because of the presence of two other annoying guys of whom my cousin never met. The very good thing about MJ is that when you need company, he can be a good one at times. Also, like I said above, he can give a lot without me having worrying to pay (but I pay him anyway).

One of the more annoying people we have is the arrogant Roche, the one who really ticks me off but not as much as Duran (see above). He's so arrogant to the extent that he'd even brag about the ones he can't! It's true that he's good at one point but that point alone. He also doesn't know quite a lot and doesn't know how to study by himself. Argh! That's why there's a thing called research! He's also pitiful. He says his cousins laugh at him for knowing nothing about certain times.

The other is Yang aka the Fishball who got killed by a black mushroom. He's annoying, not to me but to the others. I haven't really got a clue why they get annoyed by him. In the case of R2, the whole of Yang should be non-existent. IMO, I say he just hates him so but he says otherwise. *Shrug* I dunno if I would believe that but I know Khan gets pissed at times when he's around. Because I don't get annoyed by Yang as much as anyone elses, I pose as a warning to Yang to just shut up. Also, I just play along and pose as a "master" with Yang as my "slave" but I act lightly.

Let's not stop there! I've been away from my blog for a long time and I talked to my cousin for a long time that I had to write more! ( ;

Well, there's Khan, the one who started it all for the DesCha Kada. My cousin says he's cool and kind. Well that's his other side. He knows quite a lot, from arcades to respecting personal spaces (and, of course more). He's our arcade drifter all right. He has a very superior talent than mine or of R2's or Sean's. The problem is his problems. He'd rather stick up to arcade than to studies (though he can pass them all but Filipino). He also has a very big problem than that I could know of. Why don't you read his blog once in a while to get my idea. He also has a way of words and a way of getting them deep into our minds. Also, my cousin commented him as cool which he is. Well he does know how to interact with the ladies especially when he already is surrounded by them. But he also has another side of him that's full of jokes (Why the hell does my jug have yellow juice on it? <.< >.>)

Jam's our most decent resident in the house, IMO. I've met him even before this group started its luster. Oh I remember that little battle of the planets with the most moons question. Never saw him up until to Grade 6 with Sean, Angeles, Vista, and the occasional Khan. He has a few perks of his own and he's there to talk to about certain subjects. He's also pretty cool despite being teased at times. Nothing much about him since I don't really get to talk to him much.

Sean's the man! He's my closest friend among the bunch. Have you seen his (Raziel's) description at the sidebar? Yep! You let loose his mind and we'll never see the world like we've ever seen before. Though his standards aren't as high as mine or Khan's, he could actually outwit anyone EVEN A TEACHER! Give him some time to answer and there we go. He hardly speaks up that's why my cousin can stand him. He has a lot of good points on him. Too bad he's a victim of Parental Supervision and bullying. At home, his parents are very strict and treats him like a kid. He has a 9:00 PM curfew during schooldays, he gets grounded when he disobeys (even by just getting 1 minute late after his curfew), and if he gets grounded by a failing mark, he won't get to use a computer (unless he really needs it) up to until the next distribution of cards, provided that he has no more failing marks. Lucky for him this time, he's got no failing marks last quarter (yep! he was grounded). On the other hand, he's another subject to teasing at school yet you won't notice any changes from him. He just keeps calm and for all we know, silently laughing as he drowns his enemies in a pool of thick hot fudge deep in his insanely driven mind........ooh! Scary! But he ain't a psychopath, that's for sure!

Next on the list is R2. He's our most radical bunch and I when I say radical, I mean he actually follows in what he believes is right. All those that opposes his thoughts are just pieces of crap...unless he finds a point in them. He's could become homicidal when provoke too. Other than that, he's actually very helpful and has ways if he can. Which reminds me, I forgot to pay him the 50 PhP I owe him! Waii!!

Angeles? He's our anime fanatic. When he gets ideas, he also executes them pretty quickly with the help of the others and not just us. He has friends outside our group making him our most extrovert friend we have (Khan has a lot of friends but he's introvert so...). I usually rank him in the middle where almost no one would ever notice him there but still as important. He actually influenced me a lot and he was also the one who re-introduced me to Jam and introduced me to Sean. That's pretty much all I could say, I'm afraid since I really don't talk to him much.

Then, we have Liu aka Biboy and his dead blog which you don't have to read to know who he is because he doesn't even bother to write on it. Never underestimate his abilities. He's an adept to areas he's good at including games (he's a freaky human bot demmit!). Of course, those are what he's good at. Studying is out of the question. But he's also pretty decent. He knows when to do whatnots and when not to. For example, he actually studied last quarter exams. o_O Well, 'nuff said.

Finally, we have me! Well, I'll let you judge me instead. I can't actually judge myself really. One thing's for sure, there is more than meets the eye. I have some secrets that I share with a person and there are secrets that I simply lock into the darkness of my mind. Sometimes, I have a whole personality switch all of a sudden and that's about it. I'm actually too lazy to write down other stuff about me or my friends so let's leave it be.

Well, that's that I guess. Maybe I should try out Friendster just for kicks. Well, see ya!

"Green is the color of Hope."
- Motto of the Fair
"But isn't white the color of hope?"
- Raziel S******m