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Word of the moment: Daikyo (Great Bad Luck)
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Waii! I should have gone to the Overdose Concert back in Kabihasnan. Teh ponkhan (there can only be one orange), says that it was very well worth it! Waii! I just wasted 100 PhP!! >.<

We watched the Philippine Ballet from CCP today. I dun wanna give critics. I'll let teh ponkhan, teh cow (don't take it too seriously now), and teh somebody (whose grades finally got up so that he can already use the computer) do the critics for me.

Welcome back to my RO life where it had been completely overrun by doom, doom, and doom...not to mention daikyo. Fricking annoying thing! My mage in pRO Loki just died out on me again! I mean, he'd been killed going to Juno for the nth time! Even before the map loads, I get killed by a Driller or a Sleeper. Just when I'm nearing a portal, a horde of Sleepers and Demon Pungi pulverizes me. And finally, just when I was about to get to the bridge to get to Juno, I get killed by a Driller just waiting for me! I lost all my money! >.< Well at least I killed a few Geogs (Geographers) on the way not to mention 2x EXP for 2 weeks! ^_^!!

Going back to me, I'm me! I'm the spawn of my own fricking imagination. My multiple persona is granted because of my mind...I let myself manipulate myself. It was so surprising that you can brag yourself about yourself arrogantly or how you could be so vain. Ack! I let my characters Deo and Dylan just get control over me. But perhaps it wasn't my characters. Perhaps I really was like this from the beginning.

Even scary about me is the fact that I can actually think of a phrase and people would actually say it in about a few seconds or so. It's like I'm precognitive except I can't actually say that it will happen or not. What's even scarier is that it happens MOST of the times and sometimes affect me. o_O

"I have a friend who asks money from me. I gave him away some money because I like him as a friend. Now, he just kept asking for more. I shouldn't have let him for I fear I might spoil him." That was just my answer to Chico and Del's Top Ten for this day, 'The top 10 things you shouldn't have done out of love' or something similar to that phrase. I just hope it's not too late.

Iz fine...I guess.

"Calling all catchers! For 5 hours, you are now obliged to catch snarks...on 0 gravity."
- Me during Kabihasnan fair


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