Happy 2nd Year!!

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Ok! Either I'm 1 day early or I'm right on time but who cares! The point is I managed to get this blog up this far even if I almost didn't post anything in my first year...

*checks archives*
Lessie here. March 2003, March 2004, April 2004...see! Well enough of that! Quiz time! It's been a long time since I had any:

You are the 'regular' teen. Don't worry, alot of
people will get this result. However, you set
pretty high/low goals for yourself...and you
believe you are the only one in the world.
But, there are alot of people with your
attitude. You tend to wear regular clothing,
or you are forced to wear colors you don't want
to. (such as your mother always buying you
pink / blue clothing) Sometimes you feel
horribly lonely and want to hide, but as
always, you find something to give you reason
to continue. You can either hate or love
school, one opinion please. Never fear, you
are not one of a kind...and that is kinda nice
to hear, since there are other teenagers out
there with your exact view on life.

could get a job as an author, Teacher, editor,
architect, buisness owner, or administrator.
Good luck in life, and don't forget that no one
is ever alone.

What type of teenager are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Most of it is right but...I AM NOT ALONE!!!


Death of morals
You hide your emotions in the
bottom of your heart
You seek the truth
You live your life only cuz you
have to

??Which colour of Death is yours??
brought to you by Quizilla

You are the Spirit of Hope. Whenever someone is
feeling down, they merely have to think of you
to make them happy again. You have the ability
to simply radiate happiness. You can make
friends quickly because your strong point is
your amazingly friendly nature which naturally
people want to be with. You think about the
best in everything, a total optimist, you won't
have any trouble getting a worthy person to
shae your life with!

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Why do I have the feeling that I have the same result as most people do?

You're a very mellow, care-free person. Your
exactly what calm, cool, and collected mean.
You never overreact or panic in a bad situation
and you always know what to do. Everyone goes
to you for advice because you never lose your
head so your very reliable. You tend to take
everything in stride, like in school your moto
is just sit back and relax not to say you dont
pay attention and work, but you dont overexert
yourself. Even though people come to you for
counciling(sp?) you can still be very quite,
your not good with making new friends, but your
extremely close to the ones you have. Remember
its ok to put your emotions out there even
though there is a chance they might get hurt.
Also in school sometimes its good to stress out
a little, just because you think you dont need
to study doesnt mean you should'nt, and also
try to push yourself more even though you might
be good where you are doesnt mean you can,t be
better. Check out my new short story.

Whats Your Personality(with PICS)
brought to you by Quizilla

Now I've also been thinking for a long time now. What if 8-Bit's Light and/or Dark Warriors became some rock band? I take it Fighter could be the Lead Guitarist, Black Mage could go for drums, Red Mage would try to go for lead singer but would fail miserably and get relocated to keyboards, and Thief would be their Manager/Ticket Salesman/Bass Guitarist. If they needed Extras, they could go for White Mage as a vocalist, and Black Belt...prolly drums too. As for the Dark Warriors, dunno about them though I'm pretty sure the Evil Princess, Sara, would be something like their Manager. King Steve would vote for himself though...

I need to go to the bathroom now...
- Me which I will do after publishing this post


I say thee walk thee plank, you dirty scoundrels!

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Haha! I just watched Treasure Planet back in Disney channel. It's nice and fun if you try to see yourself as the hero or pirate in the movie! Oh how right I am to watch that instead of the Fairly Odd Parents movie even though they might not show that for a long period of time. No! I watched Treasure Planet instead and it rekindled me of my passion for adventure, whether be the whole journey towards a destination or the rewards and spoils of the journey or even the frequent problems in the journey. The movie even have some extreme sports in the background, say Jim, the lead hero, surfs and skates in the sky and space in I forgot what you call those things. What touched me the most wasn't because I wanted the adventure, however, but the bonding of the hero and the villain somehow as father and son. Well enough of that. It sure did want me to watch, read, or even write any more pirate stories. Gavin Thatcher (an original character), there might be hope for you just yet. Bikke's a different story, however. He's a crappy pirate.

After that movie, my cousins came. Rubix installed me a great deal of anti-spywares and a firewall. I even got to update my Diablo II to version 10! He just forgot to copy his blog template though. Poor him. And I was gonna help him with that. Also, his sister checked my blog. She said I am so not me in my blog. Rubix and Katari even agreed saying that I'm too talkative in the internet. How true they are.

Anyway, both those incidents just moved me to another perception of things. I have quite a different view of things now, more geared to optimism. Yep! That's life. It does things to ya!

Oh and my 2nd year anniversary of my blog is coming by. Watch for it!

"Yar! I am a bear!"
- Fighter, 8-bit Theater


Sir Danilo Antonil

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Mr. Antonil was my English teacher and advisor. I never forsaw that the flame from the candle would extinguish so soon. He had a heart attack this morning. The cause? I don't know what.

*sigh* Mr. Antonil is the teacher I really disagree in his style of teaching and how he deals with his subject. He keeps giving us zeroes in recitations and tests. The annoying thing about is that even though he says that he won't give you a zero when you answer...and I did...he keeps on forgetting that line and still gives me a zero... Dem'it! I also strongly disagree about his past beliefs of how to teach. Probably I still disagree on how he teaches now. I almost wanted to say out loud that he should have pursued his dream to become a lawyer instead.

Then again, I can't blame him. People make mistakes and he is old, after all. Not too old though. He still has a few years before he can finally retire. Too bad he wasn't able to retire.

He's actually a nice guy, so to speak. Well, outside class, that is. I remember seeing him in Robinsons passing me by without even noticing me until I drew his attention. I remember him eating with a group of members of the Coop in Saisaki (I was there because my mom is part of Coop). I remember him singing there when a band went to our table. He could be fun.

One thing's for sure, I'm still proud I was his student and he was my advisor and teacher. Be responsible, he would say and I would keep that. I respect him for that.

*sigh* It's sad to see that you'll only learn a person's value when the flame dies out.

You will give (money) whether you like it, or you like it. I call it "Holy Extortion!"
- Mr. Antonil's favorite quote


Randominitiness! Wee!

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End of Exams! Yay!
End of School! Yay!
Start of Summer! Yay!
Amatsu and Kunlun in RO! Yay!
Filipino Avatars in Gunbound! Yay!
Into The Abyss Vol. 9 and 10! Yay!
8-bit Theater! Yay!
PPG Doujinshi! Yay!
Fighter with Sword Chucks! Yay!!!!

Well that was a long game of WarCraft! Spent most of my time in the internet cafe reading my Into the Abyss comics and intruding other's personal computer space. It was a nice siege attempt though (I invaded their bases with Glaive Throwers, Chimeras, and a bunch of Ancient Protectors. Teehee!)

Teh PPG Doujinshi is sooooooooooo coooooooooool!! Read! READ!!

I like Fighter! I like him more than Red Mage, actually. Too bad Fighter's taken by Vael already. *sob* Ah well! SWORD CHUCKS! Ooh I know! Sketchy me Fighter with Sword Chucks! ^_^

Something I thought up last time:

League of

I like Fighter!

My lunch is the same as my dinner, with a few extra change at dinner.

I like Sword Chucks!

Lightning still works for me best though I am trying to keep up my scores using Boomers. That sniper thingy's a tricky one, and the wind's a chore! >.< Lightning still works for me best though.

Did I mention I like Fighter with Sword Chucks? I like Fighter with Sword Chucks. Oh yeah! I did say I like Fighter with Sword Chucks...wait. I think I did, didn't I?


Welcome to Corneria!

"Ha! Those are my to-hit dice! These are my damage dice!"
- Red Mage, 8-bit Theater


Happy White Day!!

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Happy White Day everyone! This is the most awaited day...for me! Now it's a shame I wasn't able to give away white chocolates, cookies, or marshmallows to anyone since 1) I ate the white chocolate before White Day, 2) I wasn't able to bake cookies cuz the kitchen was in use, and 3) I refused to take the ChocoMallows my sis gave to me. The only way I was able to "give" was via Rika's get the point.

Also, I was able to finish 8-bit Theater (but not the extra comic strips such as the guest comics and the vacation special [and, once again, except the staff chucks comic]). Yay me! After I've read the extra comics, Ctrl-Alt-Delete's next! *ev0l grin*

Other than that, I have exams which, as I've said, I haven't studied for at all! In fact, I just played RO after exams (and after I've finished reading off 8B Theater). Also, there was a rather startling appearance of Garry Ledesma. I wasn't surprised he was going back to school (since he had been absent for the whole year except during the 3rd and 4th Quarter Exams) but I was rather surprised because he was late (we were taking Home Management exams then). Seriously, I always thought he would show up earlier. I knew that bringing his grammar book back meant something. Thanks Garry for getting me away for not having a book! *more ev0l grin*

And then there's exams for tomorrow. I (indirectly) asked my dad about Noli Me Tangere but..well...he forgot. So much for that help. Math's no problem for me though except for a few...fractions I'm gonna have to deal with.

And in the pRO Players forum, some idiot decided to point out that the selling of game items and/or accounts is actually...LEGAL! Hello! They may be the players' own property and it might even be true in other places but no one, and I mean NO ONE, is allowed to because it violates a higher law from Gravity, and it would pollute the minds of young players into thinking that it is ok. It's so sad to see the youth going in the wrong direction while the world is already going to that same place. How I wish we'd be content with what we already have.

A dictator's death is a comedy. A child's death is a tragedy.
- My motto


Good Afternoon!

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Ah! It's so nice to wake up after a nice nap in the afternoon, take a long nice and cool shower, look at the beautiful scenery of dusk, and use the computer and read 8-bit Theater while no one is looking... nuts! *sprinkles talcum powder all over*

Ok fine! I'll fix the tag-board with my powers of procrastination.........What?
- Me, shower room


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*pant pant pant*

Wanna know what I wanna read? Ever since Raziel decided to show it to me, I couldn't help but annex myself to the madness created by the infamous 8-bit Theater!!! I mean, just yesterday, I literally read 250+ pages and I just made it to episode 303 just now. Yep I know I'm not a fast reader, damn it!!

I like Red Mage and Garland (even though that name really sounds familiar). I also think Black Mage looks too familiar. Now where did I see him before? Hmm...

On the other hand, I just ate my White Chocolate last night. Originally, I was saving it for White Day, tomorrow. Hmm...well there goes my plan of saving it for 2 days longer. Now I have to buy Crunch White for tomorrow (and it costs 30+ PhP *sob*). Also, I've decided to post my artwork a day earlier since I would have exams this coming week though I pretty much doubt that I'll be studying anyway.

...forget I said that...

...Aw! Can't you just take some of that amnesia powder or something?!

"Good morrow Sir/Madam [select appropriate]. Such lovely/unseasonable [select one] weather we are having, eh what?"
- Black Mage, 8-bit Theater



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w00t!! Thank you r2 for the link he gave me! Now I have 2 new additions to my Anime mp3 list, Futatsu no Spica's "Venus Say" and Gakkou no Kaidan (Ghost at School)'s "Grow Up!!" Happy me! ^_^

Quite a weekend I've got today. First, I have to wake up early and go to, most unfortunately, a classmate's for a cooking project. Thankfully, however, Duran (yep. My classmate) only teased me at minimum levels. He even gave sympathy for me being the first one to arrive, having to wait for a couple of hours for the others to come, and having to pay all the money I had left. Boohoo. Ah well. At least they're paying me back some cash (especially "coach" for not coming with us). Too bad I had to leave quite early as well since my dad was going to the province that very same day, and I was using the car he needed.

When I arrived home, Piano Lessons were up, not as usual. Originally, it was every Sundays but since my niece had her birthday party the following day, it had to move. As usual, I suck at playing. Not totally though. I think I got the hang of playing Reverie. Too bad for the pedals, though.

Then, I resumed my position back to the computer. On that very same day, I downloaded Venus Say. I thought it was just the TV version cuz it was just short but, as I listened carefully, the full version is actually THAT short. It's almost as short as the TV version if it weren't for some parts I haven't heard yet.

Also, I played RO as usual. I was finally able to give Sakuraii the Zenorc Card I traded. Haha! I gave a totally free Card which I traded (a bad trade, FYI) with an Emperium I found in the Orc Dungeon. Soon enough, almost everybody, whom I know played RO, played RO and I was pretty much in contact to all of them. They include Siege, Sakuraii, R2, Rika, and Raziel. We never met though except for Sakuraii and R2, both of which I gave an item/zeny.

The following, it's the usual Sunday Mass. Nothing much there. When we headed home, my mom cooked Tuna Casserole. That was delicious! I got two bowls while watching TV. Soon afterwards, we left for my niece's first birthday party.

The party, well nothing much too, except that my cousins and I made fun of some things. I thought up of a (rather disturbing) way for a boy to evade the games to play. He should pretend to be gay, say that he's not a boy nor a girl but not yet a woman. Haha!! Then my other niece cried cuz she's afraid of the mascot (Jollibee). She's such a McDonald's me! The party's pretty sad IMO since there weren't that many kids around. Well, I can't blame anyone for it. It was my niece's FIRST birthday after all.

Well, that same McDonald's niece of mine had a play afterwards. Turns out that our car had a flat tire because it got slashed somewhere. We had to stop by Shopwise, a mall near the place we had a birthday party. Turns out to be that Shopwise actually has a small arcade center, WITH KOF 2002!!! I wanna try KoF 2k2. *sob*

After we changed the tire with a spare, we left for my cousin's house since it was near my niece's school where her play was being held. I watched TV while waiting then we left soon afterwards. The play was late. It should have started about 20-30 minutes before it had started today. Oh well. The kids were cute. I especially liked the boy who played the "King of Pleasure" (for green-minded people: this is Kindergarten, not some stripper's club), one of the few who smiled. They should have trained them to smile. How I remember the time I had my first play when I was in Kinder. I was an angel and look at me now, a devil. Wahahahahaha!

Left for home. I assumed my position in front of the computer again. I decided to download "Grow Up." It was the reason why I ended up realizing that the "Venus Say" I have was indeed the full version. Now all I have to find is Kyosuke Himuro's Japanese-dubbed Van Helsing song, "Wild Romance." I enjoy a good Rock music. I'm not much to hiphop though unless it's really good. Well I actually like a variety and pick from the variety which I like. That's me. I mostly like Metal though.

BTW, this blog is celebrating its 2nd Year soon. Unlike Rika though, I'm not gonna return it to my original URL. I like my new one better. Also, White Day (March 14) is coming up next week, the deadline I set up for myself for my "two boys sleeping without shirts on" artwork. How I love Keiji and Matt. I envy my characters so...

"This is sad. Not too many kids, just kids at heart."
-My cousin at the birthday party

"Milk for unknown dietary reasons"
-My shop while waiting for r2 in RO

"p|-|34r /\/\3 j00 w0r7hl3s5 3xcu53 4 a p0is0|\| 5p0r3!!"
-Me fighting poison spores

"I wish I have a discman"


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GUNBOUND! A game very similar to Worms. WORMS! A game I miss so dearly. Oh how I remember the time you gave me a fevorite weapon of choice: the Holy Hand-Grenade. HALELLUJAH!

Anyway, Gunbound is pretty similar to Worms. It is a turn-based all-out 2D war game where you fight solo or with a team. Maybe I'll just let you guys check the website to learn more about this game. Worms and Gunbound have some differences as well but I don't wanna list 'em here. Not now, not yet (cuz I'm not at home).

So I have been playing Gunbound for quite a while now even though it's been out for a long time. I like it cuz I miss Worms and it has free game time. That doesn't stop me from playing RO, however. I'm still leveling up my thief no matter what it takes, not to mention my acolyte and helping others out (like leveling up Ashoka and Rika's characters). I aslo did manage to update my Skills Guide both in pRO Players and GameFAQs.

Also, a recent turn of events granted me with some insights of what to draw for the DA. That includes a new outfit and pose for Ueno, a pose for Seji, some more new outfits for my old original characters that includes black denims (my new target in clothing), and the kawaii sketch of two shirtless boys (Keiji and Matt) sleeping in bed while one of them is innocently hugging the other. ^_^ I so love that sketch but I need refinement.

Ah well. Gotta go now! I'm gonna refine my artworks.

-Daikem/Xentz from Gunbound