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*pant pant pant*

Wanna know what I wanna read? Ever since Raziel decided to show it to me, I couldn't help but annex myself to the madness created by the infamous 8-bit Theater!!! I mean, just yesterday, I literally read 250+ pages and I just made it to episode 303 just now. Yep I know I'm not a fast reader, damn it!!

I like Red Mage and Garland (even though that name really sounds familiar). I also think Black Mage looks too familiar. Now where did I see him before? Hmm...

On the other hand, I just ate my White Chocolate last night. Originally, I was saving it for White Day, tomorrow. Hmm...well there goes my plan of saving it for 2 days longer. Now I have to buy Crunch White for tomorrow (and it costs 30+ PhP *sob*). Also, I've decided to post my artwork a day earlier since I would have exams this coming week though I pretty much doubt that I'll be studying anyway.

...forget I said that...

...Aw! Can't you just take some of that amnesia powder or something?!

"Good morrow Sir/Madam [select appropriate]. Such lovely/unseasonable [select one] weather we are having, eh what?"
- Black Mage, 8-bit Theater


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