Happy White Day!!

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Happy White Day everyone! This is the most awaited day...for me! Now it's a shame I wasn't able to give away white chocolates, cookies, or marshmallows to anyone since 1) I ate the white chocolate before White Day, 2) I wasn't able to bake cookies cuz the kitchen was in use, and 3) I refused to take the ChocoMallows my sis gave to me. The only way I was able to "give" was via Rika's get the point.

Also, I was able to finish 8-bit Theater (but not the extra comic strips such as the guest comics and the vacation special [and, once again, except the staff chucks comic]). Yay me! After I've read the extra comics, Ctrl-Alt-Delete's next! *ev0l grin*

Other than that, I have exams which, as I've said, I haven't studied for at all! In fact, I just played RO after exams (and after I've finished reading off 8B Theater). Also, there was a rather startling appearance of Garry Ledesma. I wasn't surprised he was going back to school (since he had been absent for the whole year except during the 3rd and 4th Quarter Exams) but I was rather surprised because he was late (we were taking Home Management exams then). Seriously, I always thought he would show up earlier. I knew that bringing his grammar book back meant something. Thanks Garry for getting me away for not having a book! *more ev0l grin*

And then there's exams for tomorrow. I (indirectly) asked my dad about Noli Me Tangere but..well...he forgot. So much for that help. Math's no problem for me though except for a few...fractions I'm gonna have to deal with.

And in the pRO Players forum, some idiot decided to point out that the selling of game items and/or accounts is actually...LEGAL! Hello! They may be the players' own property and it might even be true in other places but no one, and I mean NO ONE, is allowed to because it violates a higher law from Gravity, and it would pollute the minds of young players into thinking that it is ok. It's so sad to see the youth going in the wrong direction while the world is already going to that same place. How I wish we'd be content with what we already have.

A dictator's death is a comedy. A child's death is a tragedy.
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