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Word of the moment: Yar!!
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Haha! I just watched Treasure Planet back in Disney channel. It's nice and fun if you try to see yourself as the hero or pirate in the movie! Oh how right I am to watch that instead of the Fairly Odd Parents movie even though they might not show that for a long period of time. No! I watched Treasure Planet instead and it rekindled me of my passion for adventure, whether be the whole journey towards a destination or the rewards and spoils of the journey or even the frequent problems in the journey. The movie even have some extreme sports in the background, say Jim, the lead hero, surfs and skates in the sky and space in I forgot what you call those things. What touched me the most wasn't because I wanted the adventure, however, but the bonding of the hero and the villain somehow as father and son. Well enough of that. It sure did want me to watch, read, or even write any more pirate stories. Gavin Thatcher (an original character), there might be hope for you just yet. Bikke's a different story, however. He's a crappy pirate.

After that movie, my cousins came. Rubix installed me a great deal of anti-spywares and a firewall. I even got to update my Diablo II to version 10! He just forgot to copy his blog template though. Poor him. And I was gonna help him with that. Also, his sister checked my blog. She said I am so not me in my blog. Rubix and Katari even agreed saying that I'm too talkative in the internet. How true they are.

Anyway, both those incidents just moved me to another perception of things. I have quite a different view of things now, more geared to optimism. Yep! That's life. It does things to ya!

Oh and my 2nd year anniversary of my blog is coming by. Watch for it!

"Yar! I am a bear!"
- Fighter, 8-bit Theater


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