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Word of the moment: Yo!
Currently listening to: True Song - Do As Infinity

End of Exams! Yay!
End of School! Yay!
Start of Summer! Yay!
Amatsu and Kunlun in RO! Yay!
Filipino Avatars in Gunbound! Yay!
Into The Abyss Vol. 9 and 10! Yay!
8-bit Theater! Yay!
PPG Doujinshi! Yay!
Fighter with Sword Chucks! Yay!!!!

Well that was a long game of WarCraft! Spent most of my time in the internet cafe reading my Into the Abyss comics and intruding other's personal computer space. It was a nice siege attempt though (I invaded their bases with Glaive Throwers, Chimeras, and a bunch of Ancient Protectors. Teehee!)

Teh PPG Doujinshi is sooooooooooo coooooooooool!! Read! READ!!

I like Fighter! I like him more than Red Mage, actually. Too bad Fighter's taken by Vael already. *sob* Ah well! SWORD CHUCKS! Ooh I know! Sketchy me Fighter with Sword Chucks! ^_^

Something I thought up last time:

League of

I like Fighter!

My lunch is the same as my dinner, with a few extra change at dinner.

I like Sword Chucks!

Lightning still works for me best though I am trying to keep up my scores using Boomers. That sniper thingy's a tricky one, and the wind's a chore! >.< Lightning still works for me best though.

Did I mention I like Fighter with Sword Chucks? I like Fighter with Sword Chucks. Oh yeah! I did say I like Fighter with Sword Chucks...wait. I think I did, didn't I?


Welcome to Corneria!

"Ha! Those are my to-hit dice! These are my damage dice!"
- Red Mage, 8-bit Theater


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