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Mr. Antonil was my English teacher and advisor. I never forsaw that the flame from the candle would extinguish so soon. He had a heart attack this morning. The cause? I don't know what.

*sigh* Mr. Antonil is the teacher I really disagree in his style of teaching and how he deals with his subject. He keeps giving us zeroes in recitations and tests. The annoying thing about is that even though he says that he won't give you a zero when you answer...and I did...he keeps on forgetting that line and still gives me a zero... Dem'it! I also strongly disagree about his past beliefs of how to teach. Probably I still disagree on how he teaches now. I almost wanted to say out loud that he should have pursued his dream to become a lawyer instead.

Then again, I can't blame him. People make mistakes and he is old, after all. Not too old though. He still has a few years before he can finally retire. Too bad he wasn't able to retire.

He's actually a nice guy, so to speak. Well, outside class, that is. I remember seeing him in Robinsons passing me by without even noticing me until I drew his attention. I remember him eating with a group of members of the Coop in Saisaki (I was there because my mom is part of Coop). I remember him singing there when a band went to our table. He could be fun.

One thing's for sure, I'm still proud I was his student and he was my advisor and teacher. Be responsible, he would say and I would keep that. I respect him for that.

*sigh* It's sad to see that you'll only learn a person's value when the flame dies out.

You will give (money) whether you like it, or you like it. I call it "Holy Extortion!"
- Mr. Antonil's favorite quote


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