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w00t!! Thank you r2 for the link he gave me! Now I have 2 new additions to my Anime mp3 list, Futatsu no Spica's "Venus Say" and Gakkou no Kaidan (Ghost at School)'s "Grow Up!!" Happy me! ^_^

Quite a weekend I've got today. First, I have to wake up early and go to, most unfortunately, a classmate's for a cooking project. Thankfully, however, Duran (yep. My classmate) only teased me at minimum levels. He even gave sympathy for me being the first one to arrive, having to wait for a couple of hours for the others to come, and having to pay all the money I had left. Boohoo. Ah well. At least they're paying me back some cash (especially "coach" for not coming with us). Too bad I had to leave quite early as well since my dad was going to the province that very same day, and I was using the car he needed.

When I arrived home, Piano Lessons were up, not as usual. Originally, it was every Sundays but since my niece had her birthday party the following day, it had to move. As usual, I suck at playing. Not totally though. I think I got the hang of playing Reverie. Too bad for the pedals, though.

Then, I resumed my position back to the computer. On that very same day, I downloaded Venus Say. I thought it was just the TV version cuz it was just short but, as I listened carefully, the full version is actually THAT short. It's almost as short as the TV version if it weren't for some parts I haven't heard yet.

Also, I played RO as usual. I was finally able to give Sakuraii the Zenorc Card I traded. Haha! I gave a totally free Card which I traded (a bad trade, FYI) with an Emperium I found in the Orc Dungeon. Soon enough, almost everybody, whom I know played RO, played RO and I was pretty much in contact to all of them. They include Siege, Sakuraii, R2, Rika, and Raziel. We never met though except for Sakuraii and R2, both of which I gave an item/zeny.

The following, it's the usual Sunday Mass. Nothing much there. When we headed home, my mom cooked Tuna Casserole. That was delicious! I got two bowls while watching TV. Soon afterwards, we left for my niece's first birthday party.

The party, well nothing much too, except that my cousins and I made fun of some things. I thought up of a (rather disturbing) way for a boy to evade the games to play. He should pretend to be gay, say that he's not a boy nor a girl but not yet a woman. Haha!! Then my other niece cried cuz she's afraid of the mascot (Jollibee). She's such a McDonald's me! The party's pretty sad IMO since there weren't that many kids around. Well, I can't blame anyone for it. It was my niece's FIRST birthday after all.

Well, that same McDonald's niece of mine had a play afterwards. Turns out that our car had a flat tire because it got slashed somewhere. We had to stop by Shopwise, a mall near the place we had a birthday party. Turns out to be that Shopwise actually has a small arcade center, WITH KOF 2002!!! I wanna try KoF 2k2. *sob*

After we changed the tire with a spare, we left for my cousin's house since it was near my niece's school where her play was being held. I watched TV while waiting then we left soon afterwards. The play was late. It should have started about 20-30 minutes before it had started today. Oh well. The kids were cute. I especially liked the boy who played the "King of Pleasure" (for green-minded people: this is Kindergarten, not some stripper's club), one of the few who smiled. They should have trained them to smile. How I remember the time I had my first play when I was in Kinder. I was an angel and look at me now, a devil. Wahahahahaha!

Left for home. I assumed my position in front of the computer again. I decided to download "Grow Up." It was the reason why I ended up realizing that the "Venus Say" I have was indeed the full version. Now all I have to find is Kyosuke Himuro's Japanese-dubbed Van Helsing song, "Wild Romance." I enjoy a good Rock music. I'm not much to hiphop though unless it's really good. Well I actually like a variety and pick from the variety which I like. That's me. I mostly like Metal though.

BTW, this blog is celebrating its 2nd Year soon. Unlike Rika though, I'm not gonna return it to my original URL. I like my new one better. Also, White Day (March 14) is coming up next week, the deadline I set up for myself for my "two boys sleeping without shirts on" artwork. How I love Keiji and Matt. I envy my characters so...

"This is sad. Not too many kids, just kids at heart."
-My cousin at the birthday party

"Milk for unknown dietary reasons"
-My shop while waiting for r2 in RO

"p|-|34r /\/\3 j00 w0r7hl3s5 3xcu53 4 a p0is0|\| 5p0r3!!"
-Me fighting poison spores

"I wish I have a discman"


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