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GUNBOUND! A game very similar to Worms. WORMS! A game I miss so dearly. Oh how I remember the time you gave me a fevorite weapon of choice: the Holy Hand-Grenade. HALELLUJAH!

Anyway, Gunbound is pretty similar to Worms. It is a turn-based all-out 2D war game where you fight solo or with a team. Maybe I'll just let you guys check the website to learn more about this game. Worms and Gunbound have some differences as well but I don't wanna list 'em here. Not now, not yet (cuz I'm not at home).

So I have been playing Gunbound for quite a while now even though it's been out for a long time. I like it cuz I miss Worms and it has free game time. That doesn't stop me from playing RO, however. I'm still leveling up my thief no matter what it takes, not to mention my acolyte and helping others out (like leveling up Ashoka and Rika's characters). I aslo did manage to update my Skills Guide both in pRO Players and GameFAQs.

Also, a recent turn of events granted me with some insights of what to draw for the DA. That includes a new outfit and pose for Ueno, a pose for Seji, some more new outfits for my old original characters that includes black denims (my new target in clothing), and the kawaii sketch of two shirtless boys (Keiji and Matt) sleeping in bed while one of them is innocently hugging the other. ^_^ I so love that sketch but I need refinement.

Ah well. Gotta go now! I'm gonna refine my artworks.

-Daikem/Xentz from Gunbound


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