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Ooh! I know! I know! I've got 4 favorite moments in Gunbound! Let me get my old text we go!

Tag Match: Lightning/Trico - Miramo Town
- I was weakened. My Lightning already had a red life. Good thing my Trico isn't damaged. I killed off an enemy from a bunge. I attempted a suicide but I still lived (It was still surprising for me back then). Soon, I realized I was alone vs. 2 other mobiles. Good thing I was in a bunge and they were all back on top of the surface. I killed the first one (A.Sate) with Shot 1 and the second (Mage) with shot 2. That's the first time I learned about Lightning tricks.

Note: Lightning shots except SS all depend on the Lightning that comes from the sky. Shot 1 hits horizontally (1 Lightning Bolt) and Shot 2 hits diagonally (2 Lightning Bolts, would strike a V-shaped bolt on surface or X-shaped should it explode on air).

Score Match: Lightning - Nirvana Side B
- Nirvana is one of the most notorius maps and people disagree on fighting in it because of it's bizarre land pattern (Medium to small floating land masses that are scattered in mid air). Also, A.Sate, Aduka, and Lightning bring bad news to this map because they all depend on fighting on open air. Thankfully, I already know how to fight with Lightning back then. I nailed one of them using Shot 2's instead of killing the one above me. Why? Because he's open and the one who is near me isn't. Soon, I became a great asset to team victory as I smit enemies with my powerful lightning.

Tag Match: Turtle/??? - Dragon
- In this 2:2 match, I lost but there was a time that I loved this match. Like I said, I was using turtle. I was on one side of the map and my one of my enemies is on the other. Even though my teammate lost already, I still kept fighting the other enemy. Then, I thought, "Why not use the Special Skill of the Turtle?" And so I did. I expected that it won't really work as much as I had hoped it would. That's why I was caught in surprise when it did. Even though I lost, it still excited me.

Note: The Turtle's SS is a very tricky shot. At first, it will fire a large ball of water that damages enemies at a ridiculously low damage. Then, if it had not made impact yet, it will spread into numerous balls of water at a certain point of time. Each ball would also damage at a ridiculously low damage. However, if you were able to pull off the SS that would transform DIRECTLY in front of the enemy, you will even be able to get an Excellent Shot Bonus (500+ Damage, Direct Hit).

Now here's something new which I pulled off just a while ago. ^_^

Score Match: RaonLauncher - Metropolis

It is said that the Mage can resist laser attacks. It is also said that RaonLauncher is probably the weakest Laser Mobile if it were to shoot directly. That's why Raon has Shot 2 to support itself. Raon's Shot 2 would send 2 Raon Robots or "Babies" as people would often call them. These robots, if a mobile (whether enemy, friendly or dead, most unfortunately) is nearby, would walk towards the target on the Raon user's next turn. These robots can also drain the Mage's Shield quickly. Unfortunately, when shooting these at a far range, they tend to be more separate than being close and would make them rather less effective than usual.

Fortunately for me, the Mage was just a walk away. We were literally face to face and a Raon on those encounters is the most dangerous. I was able to pull off numerous shots that would trap the mage between two raon babies or just two raon babies facing him. However, even if I had a powerful mobile in hand, I could still lose to the Mage. Then I realized something. The mage's teammate, a pro in gunbound, warned his teammate that a Raon close by was dangerous. After that, I told the mage a little prediction to the future. I told him Raons were great bungers (Mobiles that are able to dig the ground). And so I did bunge him using a (wasted) Dual and shot 1 and firing directly below him. I was laughing out loud when he started to curse me while falling down.

It wasn't over yet though. My teammate was damaged but she was able to damage the other as well but not as heavily. I supported her with my Shot 1 but managed to damage only a little. Also, there was the fact that the mage was also gonna go back into action. So I readied myself...and I used shot 2 to where he was landing. The poor boy couldn't hit me, let alone move because of the numerous (I used dual) raons I placed both behind and in front of him. He was able to support his teammate though by shooting at my teammate. Soon, my teammate was killed (by the pro and not the mage), the poor mage practically has no life left and was trapped in land that the Raons dug when they exploded, and the Pro had already red life. I changed my target and shot at the pro but the damage was insignificant. The mage still couldn't hit me due to his current position.

This all changed when the pro shot at me. It had dug the ground that was trapping the mage. It had also given me an increased chance to kill. Not to mention that my teammate got back after that shot. I killed the mage (again) using what traditional Raons would do: SS (This shot would send off a large Raon Baby and would walk to the direction it lands into. It will then explode if it hits a target [again, friendly, enemy, dead or another raon, most unfortunately]). After that, I skipped a turn and my teammate won over the pro. It was a fun victory. xDDDDDD

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