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Yay! Sleep! Boo! Boredom!

I forgot to mention about my sleep and siestas back at the last post! I like siestas and sleep. Who doesn't? Well very few doesn't like to sleep although I'm not really quite sure about that note. I like sleep.

Too bad though since I'm almost always alone recently. Hardly anyone goes online to talk with...or at least I hardly see them online. Two nights ago was an exception. I got an MSN conference back then. It first started out with Rika, Ryopon, and me. Then Saku came and eventually, Vael. We introduced Vael to Ryopon and likewise. Missing from action are Raziel because of curfew and the fact that he doesn't have MSN Messenger, and Shinko...well at least I didn't get to see her go online. Not sure really.

I was gonna go for a joy-ride back in Gunbound but that conference stopped me and I'm glad it did too. I kinda had fun even though I didn't talk that much. Most of the time, I was dowloading a newer version of MSN Messenger. I ended up installing the same version. >.< Well it was worth a try anyway. I also talked to Zedd via YM and read his comments about some comments in the Animax Petition which I'll get to later. Also, I tried enhancing my skills in Adobe Photoshop. It's fun once you get used to it. The conference was full of messages however. Vael had the least post cuz he was busy being quiet all the time, not to mention was playing StarCraft (I miss that game. Stupid monitor/video card/whatever which made the screen dark). I had next but only because I was working on Adobe Photoshop. Soon, I had to go cuz it was about 12 MN. I wish I had more like those.

After the conference, I feel alone. Though there are one or so who are online at either YM or MSN, I never got to talk to them...much. Gunbound was getting boring too and Vael just keeps on NOT having RO Top-up Cards for me to Top-up and play RO with. *sob* Well at least I got to create a new Web Button for this blog! Fwee!! ^_^

Check it out:
Image hosted by
It's simple but I like it all the same.

Meanwhile, about the Animax petition, its about a group of people inviting other people to sign a petition against Animax-Asia's dubbing of anime. Many prefer subbed anime instead of dubbed and there are a lot of reasons why. Some of their comments though are stupid. Rika signed, probably Raziel and Saku too.

Applegeeks' my new Web Comic target. The others could wait. I mean, I downloaded a new wallpaper and it rocks!! Check it at my DevArt Page. ^_^

Wow! Lots of links in today's post.
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  • At 9:50 PM , Blogger brown eyes said...

    wala namang effect yung bagong MSN messenger ah. anyway, thanks na din.

    not a fan RO and Gunbound, never been one. i just don't see what's so addictive about it. *sigh*

    star craft, war craft and the sims, i like. but that's beside the point.

    haha, sorry wala nang smart card.

    just a reminder, save for tri-isys ha...


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