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Gym...or rather Weight Management Program isn't really part of my plan in my summer days. I don't really need to go lose some weight (they say I'm pretty much healthy) but I agreed as it would really take me some time off the computer and television all day. It also became worthwhile too, especially when I couldn't take my hands off those HealthToday magazines and their guide to help parents reach their hands out to their children.

As early as the first day of High School, I already had my eyes open towards my family life. Why so early? Well, for starters, I have a good, caring, and loving parents. I have two sisters (Faypot & Sulia [I still use her old alias]) who are now mothers. I also have 2 friends(Vael & Raz), one who complains about them and one who is strictly disciplined by them. I'm also adding the fact that I can't possibly have a brother anymore. I desired even from long time ago that I would have a brother and I altered that fact that I should have a son instead.

I still have fear even though I read and listened to a lot of articles about parenthood. I fear that I may spoil my children. I also fear I might push them too hard. I especially fear seeing myself abuse my children. I'm still not brave to face the consequences and I hope I may face these challenges, with the help of the significant other, of course. Still, I can't help the feeling but as the HealthToday magazine says, "There is no foolproof plan for a good family..." but there are lots of ways to make it happen.

Oh how I wish that I could become a good father, almost opposite to who I am now.

Easier said than done
- Anonymous


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