What's up with me?

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Oh nothing. After I just mailed my cousin back in the US, I though I might just ask myself what's up with me?

So let's see here. Well there's the occasional I'm a big fat lazy dude who's stuck up sitting in front of the computer all day long or lying in bed and watching TV all day long. Okaay, so maybe it's more of a frequently than an occasionally. Well I also go to a neighbor's house and play the Sims on his N-Gage. He doesn't mind though I'm trying to go there a bit less. Also, every Saturday, I'm supposed to go practice Tennis with my dad. He says I'm getting pretty good. I think not though.

If you wanna go deeper into my computer stuff, well for starters, I haven't even touched Ragnarok Online characters recently. I'm all hooked up with Gunbound especially when I don't have RO load to level up silverRAVEN. Well at least I got a new avatar in Gunbound. Oh I just love this Archangel avatar I have. It costs for 200k gold and I managed to earn it. Imagine how many times I have to lose win...ok...lose in that game. I'm just dissapointed that the Buddy list was broken...stupid buddy list.

Going outside the Gunbound world, is the world of Utopia. I am probably a weak province in that game especially when you count the number of war losses I have in that game. Surprisingly though, only a few invaded me, not like the last time I played the game. Hmm. Luck must be on my side.

Of course that doesn't mean I neglect RO. Even though died, I'm still up to look for any recent kRO news though it's gonna give me a hard time. Babelfish is just plain crappy when it comes to Eastern Languages to English translations. Also, Calx Zinra e-mailed me just a while ago. Apparently, she was asking permission if she could copy the Champion's skills and description from my guide and I gave it to her. Speaking of my guide, I uploaded it so that I don't have to change it when Luoyang comes to iRO (even if I don't play iRO). And then there's a bunch of this and that. Nothing really.

Aside from the game world, I was able to download 2 new mp3s coming from .hack//Sign. I got "Magic and Sword," an instrumental, and also "Obsession." I think I have a different version of Obsession, not the one I was aiming for. Oh well. At least I have 2 more. ^_^

Well, that's that for the computer I suppose. Now I just wish I had enough money to buy me .hack//Sign OST 1...if I could find it too. It's the top of my wishlist now.

No blockquotes today...Oh...Right.
- Me


  • At 10:12 PM , Blogger brown eyes said...

    oo saksakan ka ng tamad. konte na nga lang ang gagawin mo eh kaya ayusin mo na ha? :)

    mag dilig ka para may moolah ka. hehe. sayang din yun.


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