Crap. Just crap.

Word of the moment: Crap
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Some, if not most, people are just crap. They're jerks and assholes. They're self-centered and always want to win. Heck I also want to win but I can accept defeat no problemo. Unfortunately, it's their personality I want to get back at.

Hackers, scammers, blamers, flamers! They're all crap! Now, I even wish I could use an illegal program to kick them out in-game, that or crash their systems. Of course, that's against my power. Still...YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL CRAP.

Now that I've said that, it's now time to crappily finish the RO patch I have been crappily downloading using my crappy modem. Oh and the monitor is crap too.

Thou Shalt Not Scream 'Gay' or Use The Wonderful Tetris Block That Somewhat Resembles A Middle Finger Every Two Seconds
- Gunbound FAQ


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