Schlieffen Plan: My Version

Word: Blitzkrieg (Lightning War)
Food: Tiramisu Meltdown
Music: Bloodstained Lineage (Testament's Theme) - Guilty Gear X

Sometimes, I get hooked at conquering the world with my might. I blame Civilization III for that. How I love history classes, I even made a grand design on how to win the game using Domination Victory Conditions (have 66% of the world's territory). Here's the plan:

Using the Germans, and even though their civilization abilities are Scientific and Militaristic, I thought I'd expand at the beginning of the game. I won't expand large enough, but instead long enough to be able to gain resources in various places.

After a while, I would switch to scientific advances, building scientific improvements, roads (needed for maintaining my gold), and wonders to improve my advances. Guess what I would be putting effort on researching. It would be on improving my military.

when I finish building up my science, here comes the barracks and units. I would expand for more gold if I needed it. Then, after building up my great units, it would be time to attack especially those with the Expansionist Civ Ability. Hehe! By the time I attack with riflemen and stuff, they would still be fighting with Knights. Of course, there would be times that they would try to negotiate with me but I will only stop when they are at the verge of destruction.

The challenge here is that not only would I dominate the world against 7 different cultures, but also the world itself. The world is huge and most of it is covered by land (Pangaea setting).

That ends my Civ 3 plan. However, I'm not done with my Schlieffen Plan yet.

In Gunbound, I'll be playing a Blitzkrieg, literally. I will buy any avatar that decreases my delay and my main mobile would be Lightning. This mobile is the second quickest mobile in the game. It would also seem like cheating since Lightning also deals a good amount of damage and has good defense as well. It even got a larger angle (hence my praise to softnyx below) recently. If I am able to master it and shoot with it quick enough, hardly anyone would be able to keep up with me.

It's fun pwning others, no?

" take one down and pass it around. Negative one bottle of beer on the wall..."
- Me


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