Word: Pagan
Food: Ebi Tempura
Music: KLSP - Sponge Cola

I haven't had so much fun consecutively in a very long time!! I'm so very OPMistic too...I'll write that later in my LJ.

pROSE!! This is a fun RPG! I just became a Level 14 Hawker and the good news is, I still look like what I looked like when I was a visitor! Yay! Now you can see me usually every Saturday wearing only "Yellow" Pants (yes! topless), Hunter's Gloves, Hunter's Shoes, and Combat Knuckles. Now if I could only take a screenshot...

Quests were fun! I kept going back and forth the Adventure Plain, through the Luxem Tower, and into Zant. Two guys just kept on going and gave me lots of EXP through their quests. I also underwent other quests who gave Zullie (Zeny, Gold, Money...) instead! The Hawker test was a pain though since I could hardly find any Spotted Choropies and Mother Choropies were frequently beaten up by Visitors the moment I get to them.

On the other hand, pRO Odin's Acolytes ruled the weekend. Like almost every weekend, Vaelfor/R2, Temaile/Rika, Ashoka/Raziel, and Daikichi (me) of the Helghast reigned over Payon Caves once more. We had more though. Two others, Felismino and Aden, also from Helghast and our newest recruits, joined us and we had fun altogether...we kept on dying though. Vaelfor had to resurrect us once he got disconnected for 1, maybe 5, seconds.

Sunday, it was Daikichi and Temaile alone once again in Payon 1. We kept killing zombies, skeletons, familiars, and the occassional red plants and black mushrooms. People come to me and Temaile for heals and maybe some buffs (I do the healing/buffing, Rika clenched her fists). Then suddenly, Vaelfor said it out loud in a party message (R2 would hate this) "I love JarJar Binks!" Of course, Rika reacted. It was as if Vaelfor had his alter ego after all, the goody-goody priest. He also glorified some of Raziel's characters and sided with me, the goody-goody invincible single acolyte of the Invincible Single Prontera Army, that almost made Vaelfor marry Daikichi instead of Temaile (she said that). Of coure, it turned out to be Raziel playing his character.

After that, I made Daikyou into an Acolyte and Ashoka and I assisted Rociel (Rika) to become Level 20. We had to run low on potions (pots...marijuana...hehehe) though since we went poporings at an early level. Out of desperation, after Ashoka left, I called out to Aenthin (my Novice) to bring in lots (401 ea) of Novice Potions. Hey! It works!

- Pagan and Aenthin


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