A Series of Unfortunate Commands

Word: Omniloathe (Red Mage)
Food: Mais Con Hielo (but I'm eating Corn Soup)
Music: Ordinary People - John Legend

This bites. My triceps are still sore since last friday because of weight lifting. I used the Rope Pull Down exercise and used 30 lbs. and look what I get. I get up in the morning and it hurts bad.

After a while, I played with a towel and accidentally knocked down a picture. I picked it up and realized it was my grandmother's picture. I thought for a moment after putting it back into place. I happened to be her favorite before she died. Having that picture fall on the floor made me think something bad was going to happen. I was wrong, of course. What happened isn't bad; however, it is annoyingly frustrating!

I had a great time last night in Gunbound. Unfortunately for me, my luck in Gunbound is karmic. It has always been like that. After a great time on previous matches, I will suffer on the next match, and in the next match, and so on and so forth. Just a while ago, I think I had only two wins over uncountable defeats. Why? Well, some players leave in the middle of the game, a fricking lag disrupts the game, fricking bugs enter the game, and my poor decision-making are just a few things I could say. Just as much as that hurts, it is nothing compared to what's coming up next.

I finally got 2 CD's from Netopia, one a Louyang patch CD, the other, pROSE!!! It was so exciting that I installed it in immediately after I got home. Oh sure, it may take a while and patching it up would also take a while error occured. WTF!! Dem error. And when I tried getting the patch from my neighbor, it turns out that their LAN card wouldn't work! I had to download the patch myself...darn modem. Finally I did and I was happily dancing for joy when I found out that my video card is incompatible. I was damn fricking happy...

At least RO was fun.

I need a hug...

"We're high on air and drunk on water"
- SnB

"We are the Invincible Single Army!!!"
- Prontera Invincible Single Army


  • At 8:29 PM , Blogger brown eyes said...

    ganyan talaga, when everything goes your way, everything goes your way. if it doesn't -- good luck na lang! lol. hoy! hindi lang ikaw ang fave ni lola. remember i'm the only apo she wants to sleep by her side dito or sa AC. tapos, isipin mo how many reps you'll have to before you set the weight. the more reps, the heavier it will become kaya wag kang mag 30 lbs kc hindi ikaw si superman. lol. ow! lastly, but not the leastly, kung corny ako bakit ka tumatawa? hahahaha!


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