The Last Hour

Word: Dreamer
Music: Owarinai Yume - Aikawa Nanase

I am the king of random words. Well, not really. Don't mind that title.

So anyway, I am an attention deficient, and an opposition defiant. I also have short term memory loss, usually from short attention span, and this is why I wanted to be a teacher? Kinda weird, ne? For me, not really.

It's very strange for most people, but then again maybe not. Most people would see me as a lawyer, the second Atty. Barraquias out there in the Philippines. On the other hand, my parents would see me as a scientist like I wanted when I was a little kid. Still, others thought I was gonna be a computer programmer. True, I am a jack-of-all-trades. Well not really all but that's not the point. The point is I am going to be a teacher, a humble profession with a small income. For some people, they see it kinda natural, being close to my mom and all but from what I see it, it's very different yet the same.

I always wanted to be different. I always looked forward for an adventure. Of course, I ended up sitting on a chair in front of a (crappy) black box with light coming out of it all day. Well, at least I got what I wanted, to be different. I always thought I...gah...stupid attention span...





Ah there we go. I always thought I can never be enslaved by the computer because of my will. I also always thought I would learn something from this experience, defying my parents, get addicted into bad habits, etc. Of course, like most kids nowadays, I ended up being a...what was that word again...*checks Word Power*...ah there we go, a neurotic. Ironically, I DID learn from something: how to deal with such people.

And deal to such people I shall. Childhood was my dream, is my dream, and will be my dream. I'm not saying I will never grow up. I'm saying is that whatever experience I gain, whatever theories I create, I may be able to tell them to my "children" and hopefully my children. Why did I want to become a teacher? To teach.


  • At 4:12 PM , Anonymous ate dons said...

    yah. you do that. but please straighten up your grades. prove to ma & pa that you're different. we, your sisters, know that you're different. prove to them now before it's too late. i realized mine when i got married but was too late for me. but here i am striving each pace i take to make THEM realize that i am different and i want to my life different from what they dream of me doing. getz? i hope so... ingats ka... we love you. :D


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