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Word: Pagan
Food: Pizza
Music: Writhe In Pain/Remix (~Millia's Theme~) - Guilty Gear Series Best Sound Collection

I see my flooble's dead...ah well. I was planning on getting a My Shoutbox anyway. If by chance someone suddenly used my flooble ID and also by chance got the same key as I did and worked on my blog, then he'll be in a lot of surprise...unless he also, by chance, read this post. It's a one in a million, more so or less, but it's a possibility nonetheless. And it rhymes too.

So what's this all about blogs or everything about blogging? So what if I don't follow most or all of the 10 safety rules LJ wrote in the HS Paper? I've been blogging for more than two years now (two and a half next month) and nobody's been blackmailing me or anything...well there is that point that my name's almost always undisclosed and my tendency not to blog when there is something to blog about...ah forget it. Sakuraii and the others may have a better say than I do.

About something to blog about? Oh I forgot to blog (again) about the Tekken 5 incident. I almost kicked Sakuraii's arse most prolly because I was using Yoshimitsu, kept crouching, and he's not using Xiaoyu. Of course, I'm nowhere as near as Sakuraii's Xiaoyu or Jake's Asuka. Jake and Saku dominated the Tekken arcade and therefore Raziel, Liu, Angeles, and I never got to play against each other. It was fun though.

On the other hand, that was the first time I played Percussion Freaks. I got a bit farther where Liu last left off. That was the first try. The second try, I managed to clear the stage...although the second song got my butt kicked. The songs are catchy and I swear I will finish Vitalize as my second song!! Pretty risky though.

I was gonna say something else about yesterday but that's something personal. It's also been cleared out after a talk so I guess it won't be on my LJ either.

Oh and I have this nice but weird dream. For the second time, I've dreamt about my made-up adopted older brother Mark or, as I call him, "Pagan." I don't consider him purely made-up though since I believe he's out there somewhere. So anyway, I see one of the Rugrats, Chuckie to be more specific. Having remembered a part of an episode, Chuckie and the others decided to look for their parents among people in a party. Believing that he's growing up, Chuckie said he'd give up his baby possessions and give up eating cake when suddenly, Tommy's grandpa Lou ate a slice of cake. Then, I heard someone say a quote (see first quote at the end of the post).

After that, Chuckie was replaced by me. I see myself in a rectangular bedroom. It had two doors, one of which was near the foot of the bed. I was lying on the bed with two towels, one near my head, the other I'm holding and using like a blanket and I was looking at the other door I refer to as the "back door." Having thinking about the giving up possessions part, I decided to get up and exit through the "back door." The room behind it turned out to be a bathroom and there he was; Pagan in an anime-ish drawing (as I also see myself) was taking a bath with his rather muscular build. He was slightly taller than me like he was on my other dream (he was just a childhood friend back then). He looked at me and smiled and went back to taking a bath. I blushed for a while too. I examined him a bit down to his upper torso in hopes I could copy it and draw it out later on. Then, I went on. There was another door on the other side of the bathroom and so I left.

This part was slightly forgotten but I can remember some accounts. This time, I see myself crisscrossing between a dog and Chuckie. There was one part of this dream that I gave a bone to a dog but it ignored the bone and other dogs soon got hold of the bone. There was also another account that I saw the Two Stupid Dogs digging a hole in each of their front porches (the dogs in my dream own houses for some reason) and then went back inside. I placed two more bones in each hole and buried them there. As I left, the Two Stupid Dogs returned and dug again though this time, instead of earth and soil, they seemed to dug up some bricks. Weird ne? Then in an alleyway going back, I see my shadow in the shape of the dog. There were some wailings that made my shadow run away and so I did as well.

I re-enter the same bathroom. Pagan was still there though I contemplated he was there for a morning shower rather than an evening one. His muscles seemed to have toned down and I wondered too. I was blushing a bit for the second time and I re-entered my room. I lay down once more on my bed, this time with three towels, a pad, and a pencil. I heard from behind Pagan entering the room (and for some reason, I know he was fully dressed) and also for some reason, Yang talking with Pagan about some games from the PS or Arcade. Pagan won the argument, of course. I was busy and happily sketching Pagan with his new red space armor. It was strange though as my sketch seemed to change perspective everytime.

And then, I'm guessing (as I cannot recall) that I imagined Pagan in this red space armor. He was a leader of a renegade army with me as Hibiki Tokai from Vandread as his enemy. We were not mortal enemies though. We could talk things out if we wanted to. It was just we were split into two different factions. We were fighting with me and the other Vandread cast on my side and him with his own fleet on the other. Then he got angry when the original enemy of Vandread came. He was shouting at them in which I cannot remember why. Then, as if there was something wrong in the scene, we rewind from the beginning of the whole Vandread dream sequence. When the Earthlings came back however, Pagan reluctantly joined forces with the Earthlings through a tractor beam then there was a dramatic scene between me, Dita, Meia, Jura, and all the others from Vandread.

It was a very long dream, the longest I had so far. Some I find neat, some I find strange. All these was cut short when my mom called out saying it was 5:30 am. And I swear, it was only 5:15!!

Long lost but never forgotten...
- My desription about Pagan


  • At 12:36 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    And sadly, I've forgotten most of this besides Pagan. Glad I wrote all of these down.


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