Happy Birthday to me!!

Word: Getchuu!!
Food: Steak
Music: Silent Night - Romantic Christmas

Wow! This is the longest Birthday I've experienced, aside from Christmas, being Filipino and all (we celebrate Christmas even as early as late August to January). I likey me to havey me of all me...I have no idea what I just said.

So my birthday started last Firday. It was my mom's idea: since I am already graduating, why not give a blow out for a change? The timing was great too! We were dismissed rather early that day (12:30 PM, anyone?). So teh gang and I went to Yellow Cab for lunch...a rather late one. At first, we were separated. Khan (I am so tired of using nicks now), Jam, Yang, Angeles and Jake had to go ahead, Sean and Liu had to stay behind for their Music Practice, and Marlon, a first year, was nowhere to be seen. I was left with R2, Andrew and Coke AddictMijo. Soon...R2 and Andrew had to leave to We really are separated. MJ and I had to limp to Galleria (well, actually, only him) without anyone else.

We got to the basement where Jake was waiting below the escalator. When we got to the arcade where we were supposed to meet...gawd! Why are the arcades turned off?!! Darn technical problems! Beat Maniax was doing fine though so we did just that. It was being played by Marlon (so that's where he is). Khan soon appeared afterwards. I wanna play KoF Neo Wave. Shucks. We got to play CvS though which was upstairs, in front of Yellow Cab. R2 and Andrew came in when Khan was still busy beating my characters up using his usual Terry, King, and Vice.

On a side note: Though I didn't use the Kyo and Iori team against Khan, never let me use Kototsuki. I wonder who would win though, the Shotokans or the Magatamas?

After getting beaten up by the Shotokan team of Ryu and Ken, we finally settled for Yellow Cab when Jam, Yang, and Angeles stepped in right behind us! I ordered two Meat Lover's Pizza and drinks for everyone aside Marlon and MJ (who was still busy playing at the arcade. We sat down and settled for a while when Liu and Sean came in as well. Now we're all complete. I had to order the other set of drinks for those who just came. That was P1500 depleted. We all got two pizzas each except for Khan and Jake. Jake settled for one while Khan got the extra. I thought of it as a Belated Birthday treat. He is the "fastest man alive" being able to grab that last slice of pizza away from R2. Hahaha!

After the pizza, it was time to say goodbye. Jam ran off somewhere before we finished the last slice of pizza though. Khan and the others went to Shangri-la, Angeles and Yang disappeared without a trace, and I was left with Marlon and MJ. After some rounds of Beat Maniax (I was able to play Neo Wave but the tech problems came back), and after some rounds of CvS, MJ and I went to National Bookstore. I bought 5 CDs as my mom had ordered. Scanning around the area, I bought myself a present too. It's a sketch book. Though I liked the sketch book Khan and Liu had better, this one's just perfectly fine.

Today is my official birthday though the fun part came out from the usual RO. Maybe I'll relay it sometime next year. Hahaha!

PS. I may have some of the least post but I offer one of the longest.

I lag before I act
- Me


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