Screw the world over!

Word: pwn
Food: BBQ
Music: Rise - Origa - Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2nd Gig

I pwn j00!! I am officially one of the toughest acolytes in Payon Caves! Oh yeah! I'm talking about RO and my acolyte Cyran, BTW.

I might be the only mid-high leveled acolyte without a Heal. Having no heals also mean I don't have Cure, and Increase AGI. For the heck of it, I'm not getting Blessing as well. That makes me a no heal, no cure acolyte. I have my own perks though. Like I said above, I am among the toughest. I would totally pwn Payon if it weren't for bots. Damn bots. F them to hell!

Well, besides being a "special" acolyte, I'm going to be something that really might shock other people. I told my plans to 2 people but I'm not gonna tell them again. Oh and Raz, we'll surprise Vael, ok?

ala akong heal
- Cyran


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