A Necromancer's Lament

Affliction: Gaming Addiction
Remedy: Necromancers
Requiem: Main Titles (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) - Danny Elfman

Tomorrow's my Intrams. It's pretty much my first (and last) time to be in the soccer team. It's not that I am not very excited about it. It's just that Siege and Coach (not my real coach) got me hooked up to Diablo II again. Even worse, I got hooked up to ADOM too. Basically, I got hooked on Necromancers again. I just can't help it! I like those guys, summoning the undead every once in a while.

What really got me hooked in D2 LoD again is the fact that we are going multiplayer. It's fine, of course, except Siege was too reluctant to patch version 1.10 because it might result in a multiplayer failure. It's also fine if it weren't for my indecisiveness towards the skills of my Necromancer. Hmm...which one, which one should I choose? Bone and Poison Skills? Summoning? Cursing? Ah what the heck...I'm gonna play with other people anyway.

I just really, really like Necromancers. I like Assassins too but not as much as I like Necromancers...or Merchants! ;)

This is the Puppet Hospital and Burns Center. It's relatively new.
- Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp)


Loved ya!

Word: Time
Food: Espasol
Music: Kung Wala Ka - Hale

I am soooo loving this! Why? We finally have Broadband internet!! Well, actually it was since last week. I was too lazy to post the following days. Lolx! I am just so happy I could download as much as I can with fast downloading time! Yes but the computer is still crap.

Of all things I can't play, it's Warcraft. Here I am missing every little bit of map-creating, hero-making, and strategy-gaming but why can't my computer stop lagging every once in a while and why can't my monitor be just like any other monitor, bright! Bleah. Oh well.

Oh yeah! Sakuraii and Raziel found this really cool website and they want people to see it. They said it's so funny...and it is!!

They are direct-linked if you know what I mean...
- Appolyon, the Destroyer