This and that

Affliction: Slight uncomfort from upper part of teeth
Remedy: Time
Requiem: [Kino no Tabi] All the Way - Shimokawa Mikuni

I've got a Blurty!! I made one as requested by Kyona to keep track with each other. It's basically the same as my LJ with almost the same posts because, well, they're basically the same. I mean, Blurty is based on LJ after all. Hmm...that leaves me with Deadjournal...I wonder if I would...nah.

BTW Khan, I've added the button but I was just checking. I'm not on your watch list (DA) or your friends list (LJ). Oh nothing. Just pointing out.

I don't think Rika ever given me the invitation to Yorokonde yet. I've asked if I could and she said yes but she still hasn't given me the invite yet, or at least I think so. And to think I wanted to make a review of Genshiken and Kino no Tabi. She did make me "Owner" of pRO Players though. Strange...prolly because she couldn't keep up in RO anymore (or quit).

In other news, my upper teeth got the wire already. Braces if you didn't read my last post. It's kinda...well...tight. It really doesn't hurt much as I expected it to be. Oh well...

I wanna have a new template...

"Yeah. That's what I said."
- Hermes, Kino no Tabi


A Happy Merry Christmas to All!

Affliction: Extreme Giddiness
Remedy: More Giddiness!! :P
Requiem: [Kino no Tabi] - All The Way - Shimokawa Mikuni

Merry Christmas to all! I'm sure you've all heard that greeting for over millions of times now but, hey? It's MERRY CHRISTMAS after all, nee? Of course, while Christmas officially begins at December 25, we had it December 24...

It's the Christmas Mass. We have to go to church. After church, it's our annual family Christmas party on our cousin's house. We prepared food (STEAK!!) and presents (GENSHIKEN!!) for the party. We also have our annual Christmas guest-of-honor. Every year, we have someone who's not related to our family (besides househould helps) to come visit us in our party. The guest usually comes from our cousin, whether he's a border, a friend, an in-law, etc...

I had STEAK!! ...oh and mashed potatoes. AND STEAK!!! I *heart* steak, don't you? Oh, you're a vegan? Aww...too bad you're missing out a lot. For a side note, I always believe that in order to be healthy, one does not have to eat only vegetables or meat alone but rather a balanced diet from both. In my case, I'm not (that) healthy. :P

So what Christmas presents did I get this year besides money, money, and money? Well, money for starters. I also told you I got Genshiken Vol. 1, Oreos, and an Iori Keychain-turned-bling. I brought them along with me for kicks. Then there was a pair of sandals (yay!), boxer shorts (I didn't expect that), two T-shirts, a polo shirt, and Ragnarok: Into the Abyss Vol. 3 (I swear that volume is ev0l!). I also got an Armradio and another set of briefs. During the party, I wore all my shirts and my jacket (a total of five upper clothing), and my sandals for kicks.

The following morning/afternoon, we went to Angeles. Nothing much there besides visit the graveyard and take "a few" pictures of us cousins. It was fun but I'm too tired/lazy to write it down now. Maybe next time! Ciao.

" my song!"
-some song I heard along the way

"Bilhin mo raw yung kanta niya." (Buy his song)


Christmas Wishlist

Affliction: Overacting
Remedy: Necessities
Requiem: Still in the Dark (Millia Vs. Eddie) - Guilty Gear

Here are my wants and needs:

1. A new pair of slippers/sandals
2. A new coathanger
3. A life
4. Something to get me moving on my projects
5. Genshiken Volume 2-6
6. Ragnarok Online Game Cards
7. Gunbound Gold/Avatars
8. Something to make me remember things
9. More quizzes besides the ones in my LJ

"Mmm! Tiramisu and Coffee. What else do I need?"
-My YM status


Teh flooble and teh music

Affliction: Downloading Obsession
Remedy: Restraining Orders
Requiem: Pot-pourri D'orrange - Orange Lounge

I'm like flooble hopping since my flooble dies so easily. Why won't anyone post in teh flooble?! *sob*

Well, I've been hunting some music lately. I've been pondering recently. I might have the least amount of music among us friends. Even my sister surpassed me, and that's just her english-themed playlist (others being k/mandopop, OPM). I wouldn't want that to happen now do I? I've got to have more! More! MORE!!! GYAAAAH!

So basically, this is what I currently have:

  1. [BeForU] Shining - Live Band Version
  2. [Clamp School Detectives] Gift
  3. [Cooking Master Boy] Kimi Sae Ireba
  4. [DNAngel] Tatoeba
  5. [DNAngel] True Light
  6. [DNAngel] True Light - Acoustic Version
  7. [Do As Infinity] Carnaval
  8. [Do As Infinity] Good For You
  9. [Do As Infinity] Honijitsu Wa Seiten Nari
  10. [Do As Infinity] Honijitsu Wa Seiten Nari - Game (Guitar Freaks) Version
  11. [Do As Infinity] Oasis
  12. [Do As Infinity] Raven
  13. [Do As Infinity] Song of Truth
  14. [El Hazard] 13 Gatsu no Shukumei
  15. [Final Fantasy 7] One-winged Angel
  16. [Final Fantasy 7] One-winged Angel - Piano Version
  17. [FLCL] Ride on Shooting Star
  18. [Futatsu No Spica] Venus Say
  19. [Gakkou no Kaidan] Grow Up
  20. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Alone
  21. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real
  22. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real - Guitar Version
  23. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real - Piano Version
  24. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Gojyo no Theme
  25. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Goku no Theme
  26. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Hakkai no Theme
  27. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Open Up Your Mind
  28. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Open Up Your Mind - Remix Version
  29. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Sanzo no Theme
  30. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Still Time
  31. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tapestry
  32. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tightrope
  33. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tightrope - Medieval Version
  34. [Get Backers] Barairo no Sekai
  35. [Get Backers] Namida no Hurricane
  36. [Ghost in the Shell SAC] Rise
  37. [Groove Adventure Rave] Butterfly Kiss
  38. [Groove Adventure Rave] Kohaku no Yurikago
  39. [Guilty Gear XX] A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return
  40. [Guilty Gear XX] Awe Of She
  41. [Guilty Gear XX] Bloodstained Lineage
  42. [Guilty Gear XX] Burly Heart
  43. [Guilty Gear XX] Still In The Dark
  44. [Guilty Gear XX] Writhe In Pain
  45. [Guilty Gear XX Reload] In the Arms of Death
  46. [Guilty Gear XX Reload] Tears Are Forever
  47. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Agnus Dei
  48. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Dragon Blade
  49. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Pot-Pourri D'Orange
  50. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Toccata ?????????
  51. [Gundam Wing] Just Communication
  52. [Hack Sign] Key of Twilight
  53. [Hack Sign] Magic and Sword
  54. [Hack Sign] Obsession
  55. [Hack Sign] Sit Beside Me
  56. [Hunter X Hunter] Ohayou
  57. [Inuyasha] Every Heart
  58. [Inuyasha] Owarinai Yume
  59. [Kareshi-Kanojo no Jijou] Tenshi No Yubikiri
  60. [Love Hina] Be For You, Be For Me
  61. [Love Hina] Kimi Sae Ireba
  62. [Love Hina] Kirari Takaramono
  63. [Love Hina] Koi No Tenshi Mai Orite
  64. [Love Hina] Sakura Saku
  65. [Love Hina] Winter Wish
  66. [Love Hina] Yakusoku
  67. [Macross] Ai Oboete Imasu Ka
  68. [Macross] Ni Oku Nen Mae No You Ni Shizuka Da Ne
  69. [Midori no Hibi] Sentimental
  70. [Nana Kitade] Kesenai Tsumi
  71. [Onegai Teacher] Love A Riddle
  72. [Otogizoushi] Cry Baby
  73. [Otogizoushi] Hoshi Ni Negai O
  74. [Ranma ½] Equal Romance
  75. [Ranma ½] It's Love
  76. [Ranma ½] Mou Nakanaide
  77. [Ranma ½] Present
  78. [Rurouni Kenshin] ½
  79. [Rurouni Kenshin] Fourth Avenue Cafe
  80. [Rurouni Kenshin] Heart of Sword
  81. [Rurouni Kenshin] Ice Blue Eyes
  82. [Rurouni Kenshin] Innocence
  83. [Rurouni Kenshin] It's Gonna Rain
  84. [Rurouni Kenshin] 1/3 Junjou no Kanjou
  85. [Rurouni Kenshin] Sobakasu
  86. [Shin Hakkenden] Memories
  87. [Taiho! Shichauzo] Blooming Days
  88. [Taiho! Shichauzo] Love Somebody
  89. [Tantei Gakuen] 100% Pure
  90. [Utada Hikaru] Hikari
  91. [Utada Hikaru] Sakura Drops
  92. [Vandread] Himegoto
  93. [Vandread] Justice
  94. [Vandread] Spacy Spicy Love
  95. [Vandread] Trust
  96. [Vision of Escaflowne] Yakusoku Wa Iranai
  97. [Witch Hunter Robin] Half Pain
  98. [Witch Hunter Robin] Shell
  99. [Wolf's Rain] Beyond Me
  100. [Wolf's Rain] Cloud 9
  101. [Wolf's Rain] Cycle
  102. [Wolf's Rain] Escape
  103. [Wolf's Rain] Gravity
  104. [Wolf's Rain] Heaven's Not Enough
  105. [Wolf's Rain] Hounds
  106. [Wolf's Rain] Mouth on Fire
  107. [Wolf's Rain] Rain of Blossoms
  108. [Wolf's Rain] Separated
  109. [Wolf's Rain] Shinomori
  110. [Wolf's Rain] Shiro, Long Tail's
  111. [Wolf's Rain] Tell Me What The Rain Knows
  112. [X'99] eX Dream

...okay, so maybe that's a lot.

"*strikes flooble with lightning* /pif liiive!"


Random updating

Affliction: N/A
Remedy: N/A
Requiem: Owarinai Yume - Aikawa Nanase

Just fixed my sidebar, added or edited a few links and...ZOMG! Liu updated AND changed his URL. He also has a DA account too! ^_^ Well, I'm not really as surprised since we've been in contact in YM. Not just me, Sean and some others as well.

I really like talking to him despite most things he ask online are spelling questions. I really don't mind and I'll answer if I can anyway. He's a nice guy, fun too. He's just having some things against gay guys, that's all. He's not really condemning them. If I could read his mind, he'd be saying "Gay men defies the natural order of the universe" or something like that. Perhaps because the gay guys we have in our school are talkative people who likes to gossip maybe a little too much that they actually "stab people at the back," if you know what I mean. That or it's Rika's fault. Hehe

He's a gentleman too, according to Rika according to him. I haven't actually seen him go around with women, even with teachers so I guess it's best I'd leave this with no comments.

I dunno really. I just find him nice to talk to. Maybe my past post of him and my other friends should refresh my memory.


I've got the brackets for my braces up already. The wires would be up next week. R2, get ready with your tetanus shot!


Affliation and stuff

Affliction: N/A
Remedy: N/A
Requiem: Bloodstained Linege (Testament's Theme) - Guilty Gear XX

Cool! I've linked myself to a Genshiken fansite/fanlisting. The link's at the bottom of the page. Oh nothing. Just bored, probably. Hmm...I wonder if I could find a Kanji Fansite, or better yet, Saki...

"The moment I set foot in Kousaka's room, I realized that... 'What I lack is the courage to accept myself for who I am.'"
- Sasahara Kanji, Genshiken


Shangri-la Freaks!

Affliction: Freaky
Remedy: Anti-Freaky Spray
Requiem: Honijitsu wa Seiten Nari - Do As Infinity - Drummania 10thMix/Guitar Freaks 11thMix

'twas the last day of school today!! Well, last day for this year, at least. Yeah! Christmas parties all over the school, none of which stand out as always. It's the food and presents that stand out the most. In my case, The presents I got were Oreos, and an Iori keychain from R2, and a manga called Genshiken Volume 1 from Sean.

Genshiken is fun. It talks about us!! I mean, anime fans and otakus like Jake, Khan, Liu, Sean, and I are. Hehe! The story's fun. I'd recommend you to buy and read it rather than me spoiling for you! :P. Liu, Sean, Khan and I already read the first volume. I only started the second volume and I'm not even sure where Khan, Liu, and Sean are on that book.

So anyway, we went to Shangri-la Plaza right after the dismissal. We had to leave Liu behind though. He got lost somewhere in school. When we got to Power Station, he just arrived a few minutes we came anyway. It's like it didn't matter! We got going on to Guitar Freaks and Percussion Freaks again. Ah! How I love to play on those two. I also played SvC Chaos a bit. Okay so maybe not a bit... I also bought three Genshiken Mangas! Yep! Three. I gave my volume to Liu so I bought another. I also bought two Volume 2's too. One was supposed to be a gift but I ended up giving them to bothe Liu and Sean. Sean was willing to buy me (originally Liu) the book though.

Went to R2's house after. All I did was read there. That and tagged along with Khan and the others messing people up. I was surprised Liu took a shower there. Good thing I wasn't in my perverted mood. I'd barge in even if he was a guy. *ev0l grin* Anyone got a camera? So the biggest deal about going to R2's house was to get R2 to log in to mIRC. I'd rather not talk about it. I could say that the sounds were a bit annoying though.

And then, we went back to Shangri-la again! This time, we went to the food court (late lunch). Jake and I (at least I think so) were the ones left with money. (Yes! I *heart* my Christmas Money so much). I bought my own and produced an exact change. Sean, Liu and R2, on the other hand, wagered with Jake whether he'd give them free lunch or a debt. R2 and the others won and got free money. Hehe! Good for them.

We spent time talking for the rest of the day. Well, actually, aside from the time we were playing the games, we were talking for the whole day. It went as far as Red vs. Blue, to as stupid as looking at Enchanted Kingdom maps when you're lost at the Tokyo Prefecture, to as personal as what's up with our family. Well, I never get to talk about me and my family though, aside from the fact that my sister got a coma when we were Grade 6. It's interesting that Sean's mom doesn't even notice him much around the house. I also had some of the more disturbing quotes around. You could check the one below.

"Dibs on the donut that looks like nipples!"
- Me


Dragon Blade!!!!!

Affliction: Low Fatigue
Remedy: Lots and lots of rest
Requiem: Dragon Blade - Kozo Nakamura - Drummania 10th Mix/Guitar Freaks 11th Mix

I swear, I don't want to go outside my house or school (or tomorrow's case, Shang-ri-la Plaza) for a very long time. I am just very tired. I've been to college entrance exams, the dentist, a wedding...*sigh*

On the other hand, we just slacked off today, watching trailers, anime series (Bleach, Dokuro-chan, Negima), Red vs. Blue, ah yes! RvB was just fricking amazing!! They're fricking funny that you'd laugh so hard, you'd die because of it. If you haven't got a clue, go watch it now! I haven't seen the other, earlier episodes yet though. I think R2 has them.

Also, I *heart* LimeWire!! I HAVE DRAGON BLADE!!

BTW, I tweaked the sidebar.

"You told me it was another arm..."
- Caboose, RvB


I'm the keeper of the *yawn*

Affliction: Chronic Boredom
Remedy: Interesting Stuff
Requiem: Pure Shores - All Saints

Carrion waves of slashing puppies of bunny doom destroyed perversion in the alleyway of nothingness isn't really done. I have no idea what I've just said.

Anyway, I've compiled 20 uninteresting things in my Live Journal. Click here cuz I'm too lazy to write it here.

Kira kira hikaru, O sora no hoshi yo...
- Twinkle Little Star in Japanese