Dragon Blade!!!!!

Affliction: Low Fatigue
Remedy: Lots and lots of rest
Requiem: Dragon Blade - Kozo Nakamura - Drummania 10th Mix/Guitar Freaks 11th Mix

I swear, I don't want to go outside my house or school (or tomorrow's case, Shang-ri-la Plaza) for a very long time. I am just very tired. I've been to college entrance exams, the dentist, a wedding...*sigh*

On the other hand, we just slacked off today, watching trailers, anime series (Bleach, Dokuro-chan, Negima), Red vs. Blue, ah yes! RvB was just fricking amazing!! They're fricking funny that you'd laugh so hard, you'd die because of it. If you haven't got a clue, go watch it now! I haven't seen the other, earlier episodes yet though. I think R2 has them.

Also, I *heart* LimeWire!! I HAVE DRAGON BLADE!!

BTW, I tweaked the sidebar.

"You told me it was another arm..."
- Caboose, RvB


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