A Happy Merry Christmas to All!

Affliction: Extreme Giddiness
Remedy: More Giddiness!! :P
Requiem: [Kino no Tabi] - All The Way - Shimokawa Mikuni

Merry Christmas to all! I'm sure you've all heard that greeting for over millions of times now but, hey? It's MERRY CHRISTMAS after all, nee? Of course, while Christmas officially begins at December 25, we had it December 24...

It's the Christmas Mass. We have to go to church. After church, it's our annual family Christmas party on our cousin's house. We prepared food (STEAK!!) and presents (GENSHIKEN!!) for the party. We also have our annual Christmas guest-of-honor. Every year, we have someone who's not related to our family (besides househould helps) to come visit us in our party. The guest usually comes from our cousin, whether he's a border, a friend, an in-law, etc...

I had STEAK!! ...oh and mashed potatoes. AND STEAK!!! I *heart* steak, don't you? Oh, you're a vegan? Aww...too bad you're missing out a lot. For a side note, I always believe that in order to be healthy, one does not have to eat only vegetables or meat alone but rather a balanced diet from both. In my case, I'm not (that) healthy. :P

So what Christmas presents did I get this year besides money, money, and money? Well, money for starters. I also told you I got Genshiken Vol. 1, Oreos, and an Iori Keychain-turned-bling. I brought them along with me for kicks. Then there was a pair of sandals (yay!), boxer shorts (I didn't expect that), two T-shirts, a polo shirt, and Ragnarok: Into the Abyss Vol. 3 (I swear that volume is ev0l!). I also got an Armradio and another set of briefs. During the party, I wore all my shirts and my jacket (a total of five upper clothing), and my sandals for kicks.

The following morning/afternoon, we went to Angeles. Nothing much there besides visit the graveyard and take "a few" pictures of us cousins. It was fun but I'm too tired/lazy to write it down now. Maybe next time! Ciao.

" my song!"
-some song I heard along the way

"Bilhin mo raw yung kanta niya." (Buy his song)


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