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Just fixed my sidebar, added or edited a few links and...ZOMG! Liu updated AND changed his URL. He also has a DA account too! ^_^ Well, I'm not really as surprised since we've been in contact in YM. Not just me, Sean and some others as well.

I really like talking to him despite most things he ask online are spelling questions. I really don't mind and I'll answer if I can anyway. He's a nice guy, fun too. He's just having some things against gay guys, that's all. He's not really condemning them. If I could read his mind, he'd be saying "Gay men defies the natural order of the universe" or something like that. Perhaps because the gay guys we have in our school are talkative people who likes to gossip maybe a little too much that they actually "stab people at the back," if you know what I mean. That or it's Rika's fault. Hehe

He's a gentleman too, according to Rika according to him. I haven't actually seen him go around with women, even with teachers so I guess it's best I'd leave this with no comments.

I dunno really. I just find him nice to talk to. Maybe my past post of him and my other friends should refresh my memory.


I've got the brackets for my braces up already. The wires would be up next week. R2, get ready with your tetanus shot!


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