Shangri-la Freaks!

Affliction: Freaky
Remedy: Anti-Freaky Spray
Requiem: Honijitsu wa Seiten Nari - Do As Infinity - Drummania 10thMix/Guitar Freaks 11thMix

'twas the last day of school today!! Well, last day for this year, at least. Yeah! Christmas parties all over the school, none of which stand out as always. It's the food and presents that stand out the most. In my case, The presents I got were Oreos, and an Iori keychain from R2, and a manga called Genshiken Volume 1 from Sean.

Genshiken is fun. It talks about us!! I mean, anime fans and otakus like Jake, Khan, Liu, Sean, and I are. Hehe! The story's fun. I'd recommend you to buy and read it rather than me spoiling for you! :P. Liu, Sean, Khan and I already read the first volume. I only started the second volume and I'm not even sure where Khan, Liu, and Sean are on that book.

So anyway, we went to Shangri-la Plaza right after the dismissal. We had to leave Liu behind though. He got lost somewhere in school. When we got to Power Station, he just arrived a few minutes we came anyway. It's like it didn't matter! We got going on to Guitar Freaks and Percussion Freaks again. Ah! How I love to play on those two. I also played SvC Chaos a bit. Okay so maybe not a bit... I also bought three Genshiken Mangas! Yep! Three. I gave my volume to Liu so I bought another. I also bought two Volume 2's too. One was supposed to be a gift but I ended up giving them to bothe Liu and Sean. Sean was willing to buy me (originally Liu) the book though.

Went to R2's house after. All I did was read there. That and tagged along with Khan and the others messing people up. I was surprised Liu took a shower there. Good thing I wasn't in my perverted mood. I'd barge in even if he was a guy. *ev0l grin* Anyone got a camera? So the biggest deal about going to R2's house was to get R2 to log in to mIRC. I'd rather not talk about it. I could say that the sounds were a bit annoying though.

And then, we went back to Shangri-la again! This time, we went to the food court (late lunch). Jake and I (at least I think so) were the ones left with money. (Yes! I *heart* my Christmas Money so much). I bought my own and produced an exact change. Sean, Liu and R2, on the other hand, wagered with Jake whether he'd give them free lunch or a debt. R2 and the others won and got free money. Hehe! Good for them.

We spent time talking for the rest of the day. Well, actually, aside from the time we were playing the games, we were talking for the whole day. It went as far as Red vs. Blue, to as stupid as looking at Enchanted Kingdom maps when you're lost at the Tokyo Prefecture, to as personal as what's up with our family. Well, I never get to talk about me and my family though, aside from the fact that my sister got a coma when we were Grade 6. It's interesting that Sean's mom doesn't even notice him much around the house. I also had some of the more disturbing quotes around. You could check the one below.

"Dibs on the donut that looks like nipples!"
- Me


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