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Affliction: Downloading Obsession
Remedy: Restraining Orders
Requiem: Pot-pourri D'orrange - Orange Lounge

I'm like flooble hopping since my flooble dies so easily. Why won't anyone post in teh flooble?! *sob*

Well, I've been hunting some music lately. I've been pondering recently. I might have the least amount of music among us friends. Even my sister surpassed me, and that's just her english-themed playlist (others being k/mandopop, OPM). I wouldn't want that to happen now do I? I've got to have more! More! MORE!!! GYAAAAH!

So basically, this is what I currently have:

  1. [BeForU] Shining - Live Band Version
  2. [Clamp School Detectives] Gift
  3. [Cooking Master Boy] Kimi Sae Ireba
  4. [DNAngel] Tatoeba
  5. [DNAngel] True Light
  6. [DNAngel] True Light - Acoustic Version
  7. [Do As Infinity] Carnaval
  8. [Do As Infinity] Good For You
  9. [Do As Infinity] Honijitsu Wa Seiten Nari
  10. [Do As Infinity] Honijitsu Wa Seiten Nari - Game (Guitar Freaks) Version
  11. [Do As Infinity] Oasis
  12. [Do As Infinity] Raven
  13. [Do As Infinity] Song of Truth
  14. [El Hazard] 13 Gatsu no Shukumei
  15. [Final Fantasy 7] One-winged Angel
  16. [Final Fantasy 7] One-winged Angel - Piano Version
  17. [FLCL] Ride on Shooting Star
  18. [Futatsu No Spica] Venus Say
  19. [Gakkou no Kaidan] Grow Up
  20. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Alone
  21. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real
  22. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real - Guitar Version
  23. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] For Real - Piano Version
  24. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Gojyo no Theme
  25. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Goku no Theme
  26. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Hakkai no Theme
  27. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Open Up Your Mind
  28. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Open Up Your Mind - Remix Version
  29. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Sanzo no Theme
  30. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Still Time
  31. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tapestry
  32. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tightrope
  33. [Gensoumaden Saiyuki] Tightrope - Medieval Version
  34. [Get Backers] Barairo no Sekai
  35. [Get Backers] Namida no Hurricane
  36. [Ghost in the Shell SAC] Rise
  37. [Groove Adventure Rave] Butterfly Kiss
  38. [Groove Adventure Rave] Kohaku no Yurikago
  39. [Guilty Gear XX] A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return
  40. [Guilty Gear XX] Awe Of She
  41. [Guilty Gear XX] Bloodstained Lineage
  42. [Guilty Gear XX] Burly Heart
  43. [Guilty Gear XX] Still In The Dark
  44. [Guilty Gear XX] Writhe In Pain
  45. [Guilty Gear XX Reload] In the Arms of Death
  46. [Guilty Gear XX Reload] Tears Are Forever
  47. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Agnus Dei
  48. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Dragon Blade
  49. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Pot-Pourri D'Orange
  50. [Guitar Freaks-Drummania] Toccata ?????????
  51. [Gundam Wing] Just Communication
  52. [Hack Sign] Key of Twilight
  53. [Hack Sign] Magic and Sword
  54. [Hack Sign] Obsession
  55. [Hack Sign] Sit Beside Me
  56. [Hunter X Hunter] Ohayou
  57. [Inuyasha] Every Heart
  58. [Inuyasha] Owarinai Yume
  59. [Kareshi-Kanojo no Jijou] Tenshi No Yubikiri
  60. [Love Hina] Be For You, Be For Me
  61. [Love Hina] Kimi Sae Ireba
  62. [Love Hina] Kirari Takaramono
  63. [Love Hina] Koi No Tenshi Mai Orite
  64. [Love Hina] Sakura Saku
  65. [Love Hina] Winter Wish
  66. [Love Hina] Yakusoku
  67. [Macross] Ai Oboete Imasu Ka
  68. [Macross] Ni Oku Nen Mae No You Ni Shizuka Da Ne
  69. [Midori no Hibi] Sentimental
  70. [Nana Kitade] Kesenai Tsumi
  71. [Onegai Teacher] Love A Riddle
  72. [Otogizoushi] Cry Baby
  73. [Otogizoushi] Hoshi Ni Negai O
  74. [Ranma ½] Equal Romance
  75. [Ranma ½] It's Love
  76. [Ranma ½] Mou Nakanaide
  77. [Ranma ½] Present
  78. [Rurouni Kenshin] ½
  79. [Rurouni Kenshin] Fourth Avenue Cafe
  80. [Rurouni Kenshin] Heart of Sword
  81. [Rurouni Kenshin] Ice Blue Eyes
  82. [Rurouni Kenshin] Innocence
  83. [Rurouni Kenshin] It's Gonna Rain
  84. [Rurouni Kenshin] 1/3 Junjou no Kanjou
  85. [Rurouni Kenshin] Sobakasu
  86. [Shin Hakkenden] Memories
  87. [Taiho! Shichauzo] Blooming Days
  88. [Taiho! Shichauzo] Love Somebody
  89. [Tantei Gakuen] 100% Pure
  90. [Utada Hikaru] Hikari
  91. [Utada Hikaru] Sakura Drops
  92. [Vandread] Himegoto
  93. [Vandread] Justice
  94. [Vandread] Spacy Spicy Love
  95. [Vandread] Trust
  96. [Vision of Escaflowne] Yakusoku Wa Iranai
  97. [Witch Hunter Robin] Half Pain
  98. [Witch Hunter Robin] Shell
  99. [Wolf's Rain] Beyond Me
  100. [Wolf's Rain] Cloud 9
  101. [Wolf's Rain] Cycle
  102. [Wolf's Rain] Escape
  103. [Wolf's Rain] Gravity
  104. [Wolf's Rain] Heaven's Not Enough
  105. [Wolf's Rain] Hounds
  106. [Wolf's Rain] Mouth on Fire
  107. [Wolf's Rain] Rain of Blossoms
  108. [Wolf's Rain] Separated
  109. [Wolf's Rain] Shinomori
  110. [Wolf's Rain] Shiro, Long Tail's
  111. [Wolf's Rain] Tell Me What The Rain Knows
  112. [X'99] eX Dream

...okay, so maybe that's a lot.

"*strikes flooble with lightning* /pif liiive!"


  • At 5:57 PM , Blogger Kang said...

    How can you live just a hundred++ songs on your playlist? *ish amazed*

  • At 2:28 PM , Anonymous Ueno said...

    That's why I said FEW!!!

  • At 2:29 PM , Anonymous Ueno said...

    Oh! I didn't say a few...ok never mind.


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