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Affliction: Slight uncomfort from upper part of teeth
Remedy: Time
Requiem: [Kino no Tabi] All the Way - Shimokawa Mikuni

I've got a Blurty!! I made one as requested by Kyona to keep track with each other. It's basically the same as my LJ with almost the same posts because, well, they're basically the same. I mean, Blurty is based on LJ after all. Hmm...that leaves me with Deadjournal...I wonder if I would...nah.

BTW Khan, I've added the button but I was just checking. I'm not on your watch list (DA) or your friends list (LJ). Oh nothing. Just pointing out.

I don't think Rika ever given me the invitation to Yorokonde yet. I've asked if I could and she said yes but she still hasn't given me the invite yet, or at least I think so. And to think I wanted to make a review of Genshiken and Kino no Tabi. She did make me "Owner" of pRO Players though. Strange...prolly because she couldn't keep up in RO anymore (or quit).

In other news, my upper teeth got the wire already. Braces if you didn't read my last post. It's kinda...well...tight. It really doesn't hurt much as I expected it to be. Oh well...

I wanna have a new template...

"Yeah. That's what I said."
- Hermes, Kino no Tabi


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