Affliction: Sleepy
Requiem: Hikari no Silhouette - CooRie

I don't know what to write in my blog anymore. I mean, I've already have LJ started with a bunch of stuff I wanted to write about and, well, nobody seems to be reading this blog, right?

I just really can't think of anything to write here much anymore...not even my game experiences (because I tend to become lazy after I finished a computer game). *sigh*

"Someone once told me looking at the birds makes me want to go on a journey...

Who said that?

...I forget."
- Kino and Hermes


Yorokonde! Review




Affliction: ph34r t3h g|33fu1n3s5
Requiem: [Onegai Teacher] Love a Riddle - Kotoko

PANGYA!!! PangYa PangYa PANGYA!!!

It's this online game that I've downloaded recently that I really really like! You know, At first I thought golf was loads of boring but when I played this, I got hooked! ^_^ I guess the avatars are cute, not to mention the emoticons! xP It's still in the beta stages but it's loads of fun. It's also FREE FOREVAH!!!! Just like Gunbound!! ^_^

On the other hand, I was felt like there was a radiance of glee around me. That or it was a fake glee around me. PangYa must have shook me a bit towards eternal gleefulness. Anyway, I just wanted to smile for once at school. Nothing really happened much though.


Notable things today

Affliction: Music-wise? Repetitive.
Remedy: Give me a larger playlist
Requiem: [Guilty Gear] Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme)

Went to school today. I did...absolutely nothing. Well, that's a financer's job in a play, I suppose.

Played DotA. Haven't played in a while now. I'm a bit rusty but I got used to it. I used Silencer. While I may have been defeated this time and having the lowest level by the time the game came to an end, I could still say I still had a good time playing. I need more practice getting the right items for Silencer though.

Watched Kino no Tabi like I always do almost every Friday. Surprisingly, I stll remember the past episodes clearly. Unfortunately, I won't be submitting any reviews and episode synopsis because I'm not part of Yorokonde...the invites hate me. One thing I could say about Kino though. Despite all her talents and skills in a fight, she scares me.

I'm wearing my boxer-briefs today. Oh nothing.

On a side note, it's Friday the 13th.

"I didn't steal any buffs. I've got receipts for everything."
- Spell Breaker, WarCraft III


School After Event

Affliction: Childishness
Remedy: Why would I need a remedy for? :P
Requiem: [Guilty Gear] Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme)

Our exams just ended today. They all seemed quite easier than usual. Maybe because I actually studied...okay so maybe I didn't study much. But I swear, they all seemed very easy, even the ever dreaded Filipino exam.

Funny, I'm Filipino yet I hatedon't like the Filipino subject much.

Well, seeing that I don't really get to do anything, I just hung around in the gazebo for maybe an hour or so. I was just talking with Raziel, drawing on his sketch pad, and listening to his mp3 player. After a while, I just attemted to sleep despite the heat I took from the sun. I thought of it as sun bathing.

Then, I left my post. I searched for my class for the Filipino play. Sean already left to his so why not mine? When I got there, they were absolutely doing nothing. Then I realized that I was also doing nothing. Oops! I forgot I was just the financer. Nope, my bad. I am THE financer! I don't get to do anything for the play besides dealing with money and handling with some receipts. Andrew's my assistant.

So after a while of doing nothing in the classroom, I decided to leave for Galleria. All I did was watch Liu-niisan play DotA, him having fun with Pudge and hating deathmatches. I played KoF for a while too. Then I took a leave back to school.

I played with a grade 5 kid once I came back. I keep forgetting to get his name despite we see each other very often. Many kids know me. For one reason, my mom's a teacher in school. The other, I just hang around with them for the heck of it, especially when I don't have any money to spend with or if friends already left school. It's funny though. Ordinarily, I'm not fond of people who know me but I don't know who they are yet. Now, I'm just having fun with one. Inner childhood? Maybe.

So what did we play? A make-believe FPS game, that's what we played. Counter Strike for short. Well, at least I found out that Ponkhan was right about our school. It's a great CS map!

Rika wa Chinko Megami-sama desu!
- Me



[Kino no Tabi] Beautiful World - Ai Maeda

Wha? Oh sorry.

I just felt like having some vanilla flavored ice cream at the moment.

Well, it was supposed to be for a milkshake I wanted to make but since it already is ice cream, well, I think it doesn't matter much now anyway.

Nah! To tell you the truth, I really don't like chocolate that too much. Well, not really don't like but...yeah. It's a bit or a lot less than I like vanilla.

Hmm? No. I'd rather not talk about it.

Nah. Rika knows why I like vanilla over chocolate but I'm not quite sure if she remembers.

Yeah! She probably might. I hope she doesn't say anything about it though.


You're mean, you know that.

Yeah, whatever.

Hmm... You ever had the feeling that you were just minding your own business, perhaps eating or drinking and then suddenly, the right flavor strikes at the right time, like you're eating breakfast and then you decided to drink milk then suddenly the milk started to taste great?

Just asking.

...well actually, I'm looking for the right flavor at the right time, I guess. Last time, I was craving for cream. Actually, I was craving for dairy products, minus cheese and butter. So that leaves milk and cream. Of course, if I wanted to, I'd add vanilla as my flavoring. Recently, however, we went to La Salle Canlubang and on the way back home, we stopped by at Seattle's Best Coffee. I ordered a vanilla milkshake and it was richer and creamier than I have ever tasted recently. It's like, I have found the flavor I have been looking for. I swear, I personally like this better than the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino back at Starbucks. I mean, c'mon! I think they have more crushed ice in there than cream and the flavoring is just there stuck in the middle.

Haha! Yeah. Some food just isn't what you expect it to be...


Happy giveyaoitorika and givestufftokang Day!!

Affliction: New Year Resolution-less
Remedy: Think of one demmit! *kick*
Requiem: [Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu] Dudiduwa*Lalala - Kotoko

Yay! My first post for this year and ZOMG!! Just (a day less than) three more months and it's my blog anniversary! Yey!!

Iz just too bad I can't seem to join Yorokonde. I don't think that blog sends out invites anymore...that or my computer blocks all incoming invites from Yorokonde. And to think I wanna post some reviews. Ah well!

Imma gonna start singing now! Iz my first song in 2006!! :P

saa yukou mabuta fusezuni
utakoe waraikoe michiru oozora
mezasuha akogare
kanawanai koto nantenai
shinjite tobou

Hey! DuDiDuWa Let's sing in the sky. lalala...
(I love sing a song and laughing.)
Hey! DuDiDuWa We're laughing always. lalala...
(Let's sing your song and smile and laugh with me.)

akirame haya sugirun janai?
madamada jikan ha tomaranai hazu
yoyuu ha nakutemo
kimirashi sou SUTAIRU de
ki ni sezu yukou

donna mucha demo tsuyoku negaereba hora mahou ni naru
chibboke na yume dareka no shiawase ni nattara ii noni ne

Hey! DuDiDuWa Let's sing in the sky. lalala...
(I love sing a song and laughing.)
Hey! DuDiDuWa We're laughing always. lalala...
(Let's sing your song and smile and laugh with me.)

shinjiyou mune no kamisama
chiisana teashi ha mada makenai
hontou ha daremo ga yume no sekai matte iru
dattara tsukucchaou

seitaka demo chibikkoro demo kowai hito mo yasashii hito mo
minna tooku no hoshi kara kite
onnaji umi de umarete
hane ha nakutemo kokoro no sora wo tonderunda
oishii mono tabetai! iranai!
kirei na mono atsumetai ichiban ni naritai
minna ni aisaretai
iroiro nayami ha tsukinai
kodoku ha daikirai!!
hahhon ashi yonhon ashi mo nihon ashi mo nekkodake demo
minna onnaji kuuki wo sutte
ookkina sora wo miru noga daisuki de taisetsu na yume ga aru
yabbari daiji na hito ga soba ni irutte dakede aa
shiawase tatte mou kiduita kara
kono yorokobi ga dareka no yuuki ni naruno nara......

We're laughing always...

Dudiduwa*Lalala, sung by Kotoko. Lyrics romaji translation from AnimeLyrics!!