Notable things today

Affliction: Music-wise? Repetitive.
Remedy: Give me a larger playlist
Requiem: [Guilty Gear] Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme)

Went to school today. I did...absolutely nothing. Well, that's a financer's job in a play, I suppose.

Played DotA. Haven't played in a while now. I'm a bit rusty but I got used to it. I used Silencer. While I may have been defeated this time and having the lowest level by the time the game came to an end, I could still say I still had a good time playing. I need more practice getting the right items for Silencer though.

Watched Kino no Tabi like I always do almost every Friday. Surprisingly, I stll remember the past episodes clearly. Unfortunately, I won't be submitting any reviews and episode synopsis because I'm not part of Yorokonde...the invites hate me. One thing I could say about Kino though. Despite all her talents and skills in a fight, she scares me.

I'm wearing my boxer-briefs today. Oh nothing.

On a side note, it's Friday the 13th.

"I didn't steal any buffs. I've got receipts for everything."
- Spell Breaker, WarCraft III


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