Affliction: ph34r t3h g|33fu1n3s5
Requiem: [Onegai Teacher] Love a Riddle - Kotoko

PANGYA!!! PangYa PangYa PANGYA!!!

It's this online game that I've downloaded recently that I really really like! You know, At first I thought golf was loads of boring but when I played this, I got hooked! ^_^ I guess the avatars are cute, not to mention the emoticons! xP It's still in the beta stages but it's loads of fun. It's also FREE FOREVAH!!!! Just like Gunbound!! ^_^

On the other hand, I was felt like there was a radiance of glee around me. That or it was a fake glee around me. PangYa must have shook me a bit towards eternal gleefulness. Anyway, I just wanted to smile for once at school. Nothing really happened much though.


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