School After Event

Affliction: Childishness
Remedy: Why would I need a remedy for? :P
Requiem: [Guilty Gear] Vortex Infinitum (Robo-Ky's Theme)

Our exams just ended today. They all seemed quite easier than usual. Maybe because I actually studied...okay so maybe I didn't study much. But I swear, they all seemed very easy, even the ever dreaded Filipino exam.

Funny, I'm Filipino yet I hatedon't like the Filipino subject much.

Well, seeing that I don't really get to do anything, I just hung around in the gazebo for maybe an hour or so. I was just talking with Raziel, drawing on his sketch pad, and listening to his mp3 player. After a while, I just attemted to sleep despite the heat I took from the sun. I thought of it as sun bathing.

Then, I left my post. I searched for my class for the Filipino play. Sean already left to his so why not mine? When I got there, they were absolutely doing nothing. Then I realized that I was also doing nothing. Oops! I forgot I was just the financer. Nope, my bad. I am THE financer! I don't get to do anything for the play besides dealing with money and handling with some receipts. Andrew's my assistant.

So after a while of doing nothing in the classroom, I decided to leave for Galleria. All I did was watch Liu-niisan play DotA, him having fun with Pudge and hating deathmatches. I played KoF for a while too. Then I took a leave back to school.

I played with a grade 5 kid once I came back. I keep forgetting to get his name despite we see each other very often. Many kids know me. For one reason, my mom's a teacher in school. The other, I just hang around with them for the heck of it, especially when I don't have any money to spend with or if friends already left school. It's funny though. Ordinarily, I'm not fond of people who know me but I don't know who they are yet. Now, I'm just having fun with one. Inner childhood? Maybe.

So what did we play? A make-believe FPS game, that's what we played. Counter Strike for short. Well, at least I found out that Ponkhan was right about our school. It's a great CS map!

Rika wa Chinko Megami-sama desu!
- Me


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