I win, so what?

Affliction: Merciless
Requiem: Bad Day - Daniel Powter

What a day it has been. I think I was merciless at the mo. I mean, I won against ChaosRaziel in Battleship. I won against Ferrancol and DarknessAndrew in Chess. I won against Jake, CJ, and Yang in Pusoy Dos. I also even won in fencing. All because I have advantages.

Raz was, like, sleepy from all that cramming and couldn't think too much. I defeated Ferrancol within a few moves. Andrew and I were like playing around but I also defeated him (although at his fault moving the king like that xD). I've also got the best cards or card combinations in the two games I've played in Pusoy Dos out of sheer luck and drawn out the best I have. In fencing, I have a length advantage since my opponents were kids.

Yep...all because I had advantages.


First time in a long while:

Ayumu Narumi
You are Ayumu Narumi, the genius with deduction

skills on par with Sherlock Holmes along with

equally impressive cooking and piano skills.

Haunted by the shadow of his brother's

greatness he tends to let feelings of

self-loathing overwhelm him at times, but

when his family and friends are threatened he

will rise to the challenge.

What Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna character are you?
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I never expected this. Seriously.

You're anime girlfriend would be Hotaru.

She is very gothic, quiet and is really

sensitive. She really doesn't like hanging

out with people so I guess she's a loner.

Who Would Be Your Anime Girlfriend? (4 boys-- or lesbos)
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Nor this.

"Diet is just DIE with a T!"
- DestinySakuraii


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  • At 10:38 PM , Blogger Raziel said...

    I'm supposed to be spamming j00r f100bl3 ri6h7 now, Bu7 1t D3D

  • At 9:05 AM , Blogger Ueno said...

    Nobody wants my flooble anyway.


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