On games again

Affliction: Gaming addiction

CJ, Jam and Yang got me hooked up to Diablo II again! Hahaha! Meanwhile, I'm helping ANKi work on is DWiki, a Wikipedia on most everything found on our RPG, DesCha. Iz cool.

I also went back to RO. I'm currently taking the Monk exam and have no load. Hahaha! But that's just Cyran. I'm still leveling Daikichi and Daikyou up, again, no load. I've handled Rika's Temaile too and been loving her Blast Clip and the infamous Magnum Break. Also, Liu also gave me his account. Wow! He's rich and he has a level 93 Sniper!!! Sooooo coooooool!!! So that makes...uh...1...2...8. Yeah. That's right. I'm using 8 accounts all in all, half of them are mine. That is quite a lot.

On Gunbound, it's still a bit stressful since most of your enemies or even your allies gets in your nerves. However, a recent turn of events happened when suddenly, some of my old friends started playing again! Coooooool! CJ was there. I got to play with Ferrancol too. And a friend from Cebu was there too. All this time he kept his avatars I gave him. I also kept my avatar he gave me. We're such good game buddies. ^_^

Oh yeah!! It's gonna be the third birthday of my blog this coming March 31! Well, it's still in a month and a few days later but...yeah! I'd just like to join the celebration with Rika! xDDD

"Darn these shoe...*kick*...laces."
- Me with Liu complaining about shoes


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