Faucets, Lock sets, Flight attendants...

Affliction: ???
Remedy: ???
Requiem: Hajimari no Hi - Minawo

Just came back from home. I found out that the lock at the gate was broken. Ok...I just bolted it in. Then, when I took a bath, the door to the master's bedroom was jammed. My sister had to take it out. All these are somehow related to my subject though. We were making our defense to our designed lock set and faucets.

I thought the teacher wouldn't show up. He was missing for around 45 minutes. We can't leave the room just yet lest we would be marked absent. It sucks having to wait until 1/3 of the period (the class was 3 hours and 20 minutes long >_<). Those who defended their design were pretty good though. At least I didn't have to go to the bathroom every once in a while...

Lunch break and as usual. I was ranting how Maki and Mukai are cheap while cheaping everybody out with Ash. At least I got to know Mukai's weakness already. I also met Raziel in the arcades. He's ranting over not being able to play Project Justice in peace; a lot of good players were challenging him. I told him to do like Vael does: go sit in the middle so nobody would be able to sit beside you and go get tokens, lots of them. Lol!! Oh yeah, and I showed him that Malin could be cheap too. Her crouching D is cheap (it's a slide kick)! It was the only other thing I did to Kusanagi and win against him. I wasn't able to get past Maki when with him though. I didn't want to blame him...that's too old for a joke.

Speaking of meeting with other people, I finally managed to see Liu this morning on the train. Ah! Finally. We've just have lots of things to talk about vand it was cut short when he left for Legarda. So sad... LMAO!!

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