Sadist - a really sad person. =)

Affliction: Last Song Syndrome
Remedy: Get a Radio
Requiem: Always on your Side - Sheryl Crowe and Sting

Whee~ I was expecting a really bad day since I woke up today. It was raining hard at our place, which spells traffic. Then at the jeep, some guy was smoking. He happened to be close to me and hanging by the doorway while the smoke came in instead of the direction his head was in. I even saw the sign near the driver: No smoking. I also saw a dead kitten. Poor thing. Another jeepney driver didn't even know math or where Tuason is and the LRT broke down, causing me to be absent for PE and meet up with a blockmate and my cousin. Hmm. Inspired me to make a novel instead. Haha!

So we did manage to go to school. Too late to attend PE though so I settled for Wendy's and ordered a Big Bacon Mushroom Melt Large Combo and Iced Tea which cost around 170+ PhP. That's what I get for missing breakfast. xD I was full for hours.

And the usual KoF Rant. Kusanagi became rather easy to kill now but Maki suddenly went ballistic. I can't seem to win against her anymore besides some lucky shots. As always, Mukai is a bastartd and Adel is easy to take advantage of. What really wanted me to write about is my problem with Ash' Vendemiaire (close, hcf + C). Either it gets outprioritized often or I haven't even made the move correctly (it usually turns into a C Ventose or a Brumaire [normal throw]). It sucks. Oh well. Back to scrubbling, spamming and turtling.

Nothing much at Fencing though it's been a while since I last attended. I only made a few footworks, tried to supervise a friend how to lunge, and the rest was pretty much free time. My next class also bailed me out of conditionals. Yey! xD

General Psychology? Other than lectures and me listening while making myself busy sharpening my pencil and cleaning my pencil case, nothing much. Oh I really was listening. I still understand the lecture, y'know. "Intrinsic, Extrinsic, Instinctive, Drive-Reduction, Arousal, yadda yadda." Lots of them noticed arousal. No surprise there. It was odd that our resident gay was waving at someone behind me...

Communication Skills? I got a 92 for this term and I did an activity all by myself. Wwas supposed to be a partnership but no partners were available. *shrug* I finished the outline and went out and bought Piyaya! When we were dismissed, classmate opened it for me and took one. I ate most of it. It was too hard and too sweet for my taste.

...I was gonna insert a dirty joke I thought up here but never mind...

Anywho, I also realized who the resident gay guy was waving at. Boy, was the guy being waved at furious. Hahahaha!! Got home after that.

The not-so-usual RO rant.This is the main reason why I wasn't able to post before a while ago. I got hooked up again with RO! Yey! Unfortunately, a friend of Liu still seemed to be playing his account and drained mine! FTW!! *furious* HE OWES ME P50 FOR THAT! And to think I was having a nostalgia for Priests and Alchemists. I even made a Blacksmith in Liu's account.

Looks like I have two music stuck in my head. Sheryl Crowe and Sting are the winners though. The other song is Kanashimi o Yasashisa ni from Naruto.


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