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Liu already answered his.

I am so happy today~ He gave me a nickname Bench which I thought up earlier (last week). My cousin also watched Beauty and the Beast the Broadway while I thought of a line from Beauty and the Beast (see below) before I knew he did. Lolololololol

There was something about today that I forgot...

Affliction: Birthday sickness
Remedy: Birthday Cake
Requiem: R.O.D - YKZ


We had Yellow Cab Pizza today, like last year except with family rather than friends. Lol~

Today was a nice turn of things except for a few others which I won't mention. I felt the need of telling others of my birthday but I only said it to a few until it spread out. I like it better that way. I even gave Arvin Sta. Rosa and his Project Justice-loving friend an arcade token each. Kuripot ko no? Haha!

Lots of funny stuff going on in an RP discussion I'm currently on so I won't be able to post this for long...oops! Too late~

"If it's not Baroque, don't fix it.
-Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast


Not too weekendy much~

Affliction: Boredom
Remedy: New hobbies
Requiem: Before Dawn - Yuki Kajiura

Ack! I'm losing stuff to do rather quickly! @_@ I need better hobbies for incoming weekends...

Oh yeah and tomorrow's my birthday! ^_^

Plus a meme



Affliction: Wasting my money, both fictional and real
Requiem: Prelude - Frederik Chopin

I don't know what's wrong with them. One minute they're having fun, the next moment, they're all getting emo and biting against each other. *sigh* What a world we live in. I made my reply in my head:

"You know what? You're all just being too emo! All my sister wanted was to be with you guys and look! You blew everything on the spot! She was just gonna surprise you but nooo!! You'd just have to look at it at the other side."

I find it too plain and boring. It didn't bring much impact besides the sister part. I suck at these things, I guess. Well, it doesn't matter anyway since they're on even terms now.

Going back to my favorite topic, me. Well, I overslept again, probably the longest one yet. I woke up at around 11. Or was it get up at 11? I wouldn't know. I probably was subconsiously awake for the past few hours though I did admit that I thought it was around just 9:00 or something. So basically, my breakfast overlapped my lunch in the process.

When I turned the TV on, DNAngel was up on Hero. Too bad I already watched the subbed version of the episode that was showing, so I skipped it.

Then there's RO. At first it was only Khan around. He's been online longer than I thought. Then later at night, Bruce was online as well as Khan though we think he was botting or something; he wouldn't talk. Majority of what I did was collect items, particularly Empty Bottles and Maneater Blossoms, like I always do. I headed to Prontera as well just so I can sell off some of my wares. Besides the elunium, no luck. Nobody buys iron and iron ore anymore like they used to even if I sold them underpriced. Consequently, I made shopping for masks and ended up making a Mr. Smile which made me go to Geffen.

Something a bit linked to that, I made myself buy Empty Potion Bottles to make potions with. I wonder why they didn't sell those in Al de Baran? The next thing you'd know, I was in Al de Baran. I tend to travel a lot, yes I know. I bought more supplies then started creating potions I can create with every herb I had with me. During the time, there was a merchant who came in and just became an Alchemist (I think he had an Illusion Flower with him because he didn't need to go to Juno). I ended up giving him a Germination Breed for free for the heck of it. When I attempted to make another, it failed thus, like the second post below, it just wasted my money. Like I always say (to myself), I spend more time collecting items, creating potions, window shopping, et cetera than leveling myself up.

When bobo truck decided that Louyang was boring, she traveled with me to Juno. I have poor battle skills. The only way I could make myself live was through my summons and they're not enough to fight against goats. If only goats didn't mob... They made me cost a lot. I ended up use every white and yellow potion I have and made. >_<

Diablo II was back on my list. I also wasted money there, gambling for a good piece of equipment, particularly a nice sword for my Necromancer. Unlike RO (and MapleStory) though, gold is easier to find in Diablo II so I have no worries. I've been thinking that maybe I should go hybrid melee/ranged with my Necromancer since many of my skills are used to hinder my opponents physically. Also, my spells get too expensive on mana cost so melee attacks could save me a few points. Meanwhile, why do mercenaries tend to be stronger than the original player is even if he's a few levels behind me? And then, when it comes to the act bosses, they die rather guys suck.

"What a pity. I was beginning to enjoy the darkness."
-Necromancer, Diablo II



Affliction: Fatigue
Remedy: Sleep
Requiem: Pot-pourri d'marmalade - Orange Lounge

We woke up early...way too early. I ended up having to rush the Algebra test later on and slept through the rest of the period. I also ended up going home earlier than usual; I often go to LSGH roughly after my school hours.

I also bought, for an advanced happy birthday gift to myself, a useless, expensive piece of decorative Naruto pin which only wasted my money and time trying to figure out where to place it on my bag. It was worth it. Speaking of Naruto, it was the first time after a few months since I last watched the series. Demmit Hero TV! Why did you have to change a very good time slot for a crappy one?

I also expected Khan to go online in RO so I had a head start and decided to collect Maneater Blossoms. He came but unexpectedly with two others, Bruce and Rika!! I also loaded up one of Liu's accounts only to find out it was the wrong one. Bleah. I ended up wasting more money and time as well as in-game potions...

"Save the trees~"



I don't know how to speak pirate...I guess I'd be walkin' off th'plank by now...or then...

Twee~ It was a long time since I played Ragnarok Online again. Too bad Khan had to leave before I even got to where he was. I was on delivery too. I didn't realize that my flee rate was that good despite having an average agility. Then again, I was level 69 and I almost always have a Geographer on my side. Why oh why do they keep killing my plants?

It's the first time I actually made a Project Justice free mode ranking named: HYO!!!! o_O Often I got Yurika, Nagare or Tiffany and, occasionally, Zaki, Kyosuke and Daigo but never a Hyo! 71 Skill and 20 something Show. I wonder which ones affect Show or Skill though. I have a feeling Skill is affected by number of hits. Other rankings I have seen is Natsu. Unfortunately, it's Skill and Show are so high, I can't possibly obtain it. Plus the guy who got the rank used Momo. >_<

Also, who would have ever thought that I could add a few extra low kicks in Ran's high air combo and still go on with her super? Doesn't work on small/thin characters though. *pout*

df+HK ^ [(LKx2)x4,HP,HK > qcfx2+P] - 16 Hits
LP,LP,qcbx2+P ^ [LKx2,(LP,LK)x3,HP,HK > qcfx2+K] - 32 Hits
df+HK ^ [qcf+PPK] - Cheap Party-up Technique on air...

I told you already! The pattern on my LJ calendar is unintentional!!!


I'm in the middle of something

Affliction: Internet-less
Requiem: Sakura Kiss - Chieko Kawabe

I am sleepy... I didn't really want to go get my course cards today but like I have any choice? The only good sides it can bring me is that I get to play Rival Schools again and, since our internet/phone line was finally cut, the internet cafes. What happened to Liu/ encored except it's on me.

Oh well. At least I still have some games in my arsenal. Diablo II is one of them but I went back to my emulator and played Pokemon Fire Red for a change. I can't remember what levels I, or rather, my pokemons are supposed to be at when I go to Vermillion City though.

What I'm really worried about is my RO accounts, two of them. I just topped-up both but I didn't really realize that our phone line will be cut sooner. Now, it just left me a feeling of wasting money.

On the other hand, it is official! I beat Demon Hyo using Iincyo with more than half HP but then, that's not the real issue. Should I go Iincyo, I'd beat the whole free mode since Demon Hyo's actually easy to beat in UMall...