Affliction: Wasting my money, both fictional and real
Requiem: Prelude - Frederik Chopin

I don't know what's wrong with them. One minute they're having fun, the next moment, they're all getting emo and biting against each other. *sigh* What a world we live in. I made my reply in my head:

"You know what? You're all just being too emo! All my sister wanted was to be with you guys and look! You blew everything on the spot! She was just gonna surprise you but nooo!! You'd just have to look at it at the other side."

I find it too plain and boring. It didn't bring much impact besides the sister part. I suck at these things, I guess. Well, it doesn't matter anyway since they're on even terms now.

Going back to my favorite topic, me. Well, I overslept again, probably the longest one yet. I woke up at around 11. Or was it get up at 11? I wouldn't know. I probably was subconsiously awake for the past few hours though I did admit that I thought it was around just 9:00 or something. So basically, my breakfast overlapped my lunch in the process.

When I turned the TV on, DNAngel was up on Hero. Too bad I already watched the subbed version of the episode that was showing, so I skipped it.

Then there's RO. At first it was only Khan around. He's been online longer than I thought. Then later at night, Bruce was online as well as Khan though we think he was botting or something; he wouldn't talk. Majority of what I did was collect items, particularly Empty Bottles and Maneater Blossoms, like I always do. I headed to Prontera as well just so I can sell off some of my wares. Besides the elunium, no luck. Nobody buys iron and iron ore anymore like they used to even if I sold them underpriced. Consequently, I made shopping for masks and ended up making a Mr. Smile which made me go to Geffen.

Something a bit linked to that, I made myself buy Empty Potion Bottles to make potions with. I wonder why they didn't sell those in Al de Baran? The next thing you'd know, I was in Al de Baran. I tend to travel a lot, yes I know. I bought more supplies then started creating potions I can create with every herb I had with me. During the time, there was a merchant who came in and just became an Alchemist (I think he had an Illusion Flower with him because he didn't need to go to Juno). I ended up giving him a Germination Breed for free for the heck of it. When I attempted to make another, it failed thus, like the second post below, it just wasted my money. Like I always say (to myself), I spend more time collecting items, creating potions, window shopping, et cetera than leveling myself up.

When bobo truck decided that Louyang was boring, she traveled with me to Juno. I have poor battle skills. The only way I could make myself live was through my summons and they're not enough to fight against goats. If only goats didn't mob... They made me cost a lot. I ended up use every white and yellow potion I have and made. >_<

Diablo II was back on my list. I also wasted money there, gambling for a good piece of equipment, particularly a nice sword for my Necromancer. Unlike RO (and MapleStory) though, gold is easier to find in Diablo II so I have no worries. I've been thinking that maybe I should go hybrid melee/ranged with my Necromancer since many of my skills are used to hinder my opponents physically. Also, my spells get too expensive on mana cost so melee attacks could save me a few points. Meanwhile, why do mercenaries tend to be stronger than the original player is even if he's a few levels behind me? And then, when it comes to the act bosses, they die rather guys suck.

"What a pity. I was beginning to enjoy the darkness."
-Necromancer, Diablo II


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