I don't know how to speak pirate...I guess I'd be walkin' off th'plank by now...or then...

Twee~ It was a long time since I played Ragnarok Online again. Too bad Khan had to leave before I even got to where he was. I was on delivery too. I didn't realize that my flee rate was that good despite having an average agility. Then again, I was level 69 and I almost always have a Geographer on my side. Why oh why do they keep killing my plants?

It's the first time I actually made a Project Justice free mode ranking named: HYO!!!! o_O Often I got Yurika, Nagare or Tiffany and, occasionally, Zaki, Kyosuke and Daigo but never a Hyo! 71 Skill and 20 something Show. I wonder which ones affect Show or Skill though. I have a feeling Skill is affected by number of hits. Other rankings I have seen is Natsu. Unfortunately, it's Skill and Show are so high, I can't possibly obtain it. Plus the guy who got the rank used Momo. >_<

Also, who would have ever thought that I could add a few extra low kicks in Ran's high air combo and still go on with her super? Doesn't work on small/thin characters though. *pout*

df+HK ^ [(LKx2)x4,HP,HK > qcfx2+P] - 16 Hits
LP,LP,qcbx2+P ^ [LKx2,(LP,LK)x3,HP,HK > qcfx2+K] - 32 Hits
df+HK ^ [qcf+PPK] - Cheap Party-up Technique on air...

I told you already! The pattern on my LJ calendar is unintentional!!!


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