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Affliction: Internet-less
Requiem: Sakura Kiss - Chieko Kawabe

I am sleepy... I didn't really want to go get my course cards today but like I have any choice? The only good sides it can bring me is that I get to play Rival Schools again and, since our internet/phone line was finally cut, the internet cafes. What happened to Liu/ encored except it's on me.

Oh well. At least I still have some games in my arsenal. Diablo II is one of them but I went back to my emulator and played Pokemon Fire Red for a change. I can't remember what levels I, or rather, my pokemons are supposed to be at when I go to Vermillion City though.

What I'm really worried about is my RO accounts, two of them. I just topped-up both but I didn't really realize that our phone line will be cut sooner. Now, it just left me a feeling of wasting money.

On the other hand, it is official! I beat Demon Hyo using Iincyo with more than half HP but then, that's not the real issue. Should I go Iincyo, I'd beat the whole free mode since Demon Hyo's actually easy to beat in UMall...


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