Affliction: Fatigue
Remedy: Sleep
Requiem: Pot-pourri d'marmalade - Orange Lounge

We woke up early...way too early. I ended up having to rush the Algebra test later on and slept through the rest of the period. I also ended up going home earlier than usual; I often go to LSGH roughly after my school hours.

I also bought, for an advanced happy birthday gift to myself, a useless, expensive piece of decorative Naruto pin which only wasted my money and time trying to figure out where to place it on my bag. It was worth it. Speaking of Naruto, it was the first time after a few months since I last watched the series. Demmit Hero TV! Why did you have to change a very good time slot for a crappy one?

I also expected Khan to go online in RO so I had a head start and decided to collect Maneater Blossoms. He came but unexpectedly with two others, Bruce and Rika!! I also loaded up one of Liu's accounts only to find out it was the wrong one. Bleah. I ended up wasting more money and time as well as in-game potions...

"Save the trees~"


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