There was something about today that I forgot...

Affliction: Birthday sickness
Remedy: Birthday Cake
Requiem: R.O.D - YKZ


We had Yellow Cab Pizza today, like last year except with family rather than friends. Lol~

Today was a nice turn of things except for a few others which I won't mention. I felt the need of telling others of my birthday but I only said it to a few until it spread out. I like it better that way. I even gave Arvin Sta. Rosa and his Project Justice-loving friend an arcade token each. Kuripot ko no? Haha!

Lots of funny stuff going on in an RP discussion I'm currently on so I won't be able to post this for long...oops! Too late~

"If it's not Baroque, don't fix it.
-Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast


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