Double Strike !!

Requiem: Primal Light - Guilty Gear

I don't have Double Strafe yet. Haha~ It's been the longest time since I've become an archer...and I know I said that sometime ago. RO makes you miss stuff that happened a long time ago. For example, my first class is the archer which, unfortunately, didn't go too well. I remember having all the stats, Luck included, and made a rather poor archer (both figuratively and financially). Hence the last job you'll ever see me use is of the archer class.

So why RO, because my friends are back in RO. What else? IT'S GEEKOUT TOMORROW!! Yey! After a month or so of not seeing each other, except Liu and Jake having seen them just last week, we finally get together for a much well-deserved break. Their break, at least. This week's my midterms. Ahahaha~ *shh*

Useless info: I almost managed to make an "Orange Party" in PJ but I ended up getting Ran's Red/Pink outfit instead. That and on another team, Hayato got black. x_x I want Orange!

Not as useless info: Akira is fun though I might need to practice using her longer. Lance told me I'm pretty good at using her though. No surprise there. I beat his best character, Roy, using her.



Requiem: Primal Light - Guilty Gear

Not really but it has something to do with the side~ Haha!

Updated the sidebar, particularly the links. I'll add more when the time comes. In the meantime, I need some rest.


Level 2 Frost Diver

Affliction: *shiver*
Remedy: Hot choco or soup
Requiem: The Goddess - Guilty Gear

It's October right? And within a few weeks, it's gonna be November. Ohnoes! No wonder it's freezing in the morning. Recently, I've been fighting the cold with a blanket, pillows, my jacket (after bed, duh!) and stuff like that. Unfortunately, when afternoon comes, it becomes blazing hot. >_< Meh!

I experimented some things on PJ. I tried new combos, practiced on some characters, impersonated Arvin Sta. Rosa, and tried on the LP+HP color scheme for some characters. I ended up liking Ran's, Edge's, Kyosuke's, and Roy's new look. I don't like Batsu on orange though (it's fine but the secondary color didn't quite fit in).

I went visiting to Liu's place after school yesterday. Went through the MRT station where I met my old Politics and Governance professor. After the MRT, it was traffic on the way. Granted, it was Cubao so, well duh! It's a shopping district and so naturally it would be very crowded and heavy traffic should follow. *gets whacked by redundancy*

Anywho, I got an FX ride to SSS Village. To quote Liu, "My place is at the very end of the jeep/FX's destination," or somewhere along that line. True enough, when I got down (somewhere near and not exactly at the end), all I did was follow the road, used my instincts and voila! It's all the familiar road just as I left it last summer. I only had few complaints. One, my arse was burning from sitting in just one place in one position of the FX. Two, I wanted to sleep but I can't because I was still unsure if I would end up in Liu's place... I called, no answer.

Original plan was just to give Liu the RO patch he requested. We ended up entertaining ourselves while waiting for his computer to load, his crappy internet to actually connect, and the patch client to patch up the other things he missed. Then we logged on to his account and Bruce was on. This prompted me to leave and catch up on them.

I timed my travel time and it was about an hour long of time. It was 45 minutes or so walking from his place to the tricycle terminal in Masinag. I contemplated if the distance by walking from Shang-ri La Plaza to Greenhills was longer. My legs hurt a bit from walking (I had a bag which weighs some) but at least it kept my eyes on the road.

Unlike walking, traveling alone via vehicles makes me sleepy. Last time, I nearly missed my stop to Recto. Yes it's the last stop. It also means, I almost slept through Recto then going back! o_O I also wanted to sleep back in the FX but, like I said I really don't know if I would end up in Liu's place, plus my butt's burning like hell. *gets maimed for repetition* Also this afternoon, I wanted to sleep in my neighbor's car while they were fetching me to the dentist.

The dentist is no place to sleep though...

I was also tempted to go to the mall after the dentist. Maybe next time though. Powered Akira can wait. Whee~ Akira-chan!!

"Hmph! Hanashi ni narenai"
-Kyosuke Kagami


O-genki desu ka?

Affliction: "Atelier: Overkill"
Remedy: Shiroji Suzuhara
Requiem: Cry Baby - Chieko Kawabe

I woke up feeling as if I was going to be bombarded with lectures from my mom and classmates for stuff I did. Expected but unexpectedly the irony of it. I also feel, while a bit tired, very energetic (at some points of time) and excited! o_O Hahahahaha!

I met Jam again at the LRT station. Like people always say, time flies by when you have company and before we knew it, we were already at Vito Cruz. It's annoying sometimes. Wish times like those could go on and on without a worry. Prolly a factor of what made me a bit excited.

You also know me when it comes to the arcades! I'd often excite myself with PJ and (more recently) Guilty Gear! Lol! I still can't get past Testament...cruddy traps...but AT LEAST I could get to Testament. Also, OMG! I thought Ran's harisen couldn't deflect projectiles! *ev0l grin* And a 15 hit OTG from Roy!!! xDDD

For some strange reason, I also commemmorate this day to Mr. Antonil because I said so. So many things I remembered from him this morning. Fun while it lasted.

Also, the RP I'm currently in is making me eat my heart out! *gets whacked for using the wrong idiomatic expression* OMG!! I'm so excited about the outcome, I can't wait what will happen next! And OMG! I can't believe I actually wrote quite a dramatic line or two in my last post! xDDDDD



Affliction: Weirdness for 13
Remedy: 12:00 am
Requiem: Liquor Bar and Drunkard - Guilty Gear X

It's Friday! It's October 13! It's Friday the 13th!! Everything went on normally though... =P

A little piece of useless info: the last Friday the 13th I experienced that fell on October was year 2000.

So what's the point of all this? Nothing really. Hahaha! Oh yeah and check my forum siggy while you're at it:

How you like?

"Makenai na, minna no tameni."
- Powered Akira, Project Justice



Affliction: Chronic Boredom
Remedy: New Hobbies
Requiem: Obsession (Strings Version) - Yuki Kajiura

Most everything recently has been so,


Crap it! I haven't seen much anything new lately. Okay, so maybe a few video clips and some forum posts but they can only do so little to keep me occupied. The roleplaying I'm in to does give me a big impact but I needed situations so that I could fit myself in. So far, I seem to look like an uneccessary and very unpopular character (take me out and everything still goes on normally). Yeah. I'm not a great roleplayer as Sean.

College? Worse! Math has I don't get perfect scores but then, our math has the word "REVIEW!!! all over. Same deal with DYNAREL (Dynamics in Religion). Economics is also pretty much a review as well although it's harder to lose attention since he's our best prof around. Then, I would Sociology class but the time is set rather early. Even if I met Liu beforehand in the train, it'd never last 10 minutes and I'm back to being sleepy.

On the other note, at least I got good remarks and grades on most of my presentations at school. ^_^

Also, I find Arvin improving in PJ rather drastically. He still uses the monotonous Shoma combo and still needs lots of practice in timing his skills but he could now at least survive until he fights Demon Hyo...though mostly he was just throwing baseballs, grabbing opponents, and using party-ups back then.

And I think I'm improving with Akira! Yey me!! Maybe, if I practice Powered Akira enough, I might finally pull off the rather complex combo stated in the movelist I have. My sessions with P.Akira are limited though (I can only play her in story mode or if I'm in Sta. Lucia). But still, you'd gotta love her kicks!

Speaking of kicks, Taekwon Classes revealed today! *kick* =P

"Apr├Ęs ceci, le lit" (After this, the bed)
- Me cuz I'm so sleepy


No wonder Kurow likes to twirl...

Requiem: Rewrite - Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Whee~ It's tough remembering things when you suddenly get invaded by mood swings so I got a new notebook to help remember things by when I need to relay it on my journal. It's a little bigger than my old, screwed up and dirty, blue memos but it still fits on the pocket. Plus it has 100 sheets and has a better spiral spine. =3

And for the heck of it, I also sketched my own Transmutation Circle ala FMA on the first page~ Lol. 'twas meant to be for Schelzwich since he's an alchemist himself. I call the circle the Breath of Life, with Schelzwich being able to summon plants and all... /random

Meanwhile, it's old school with KoF 2k2. I never get past the third team lineup (or was it fourth?). Well, the C button is still screwed up so I guess that's one reason. Also, I don't think I can grapple as much opponents as I could last year on the NeoWave machine. And gawd! I can't believe I've actually forgot Vice's move names after all these times. I slowly recalled most by the end of the day but I'm still missing one or two moves. Not that it's improtant but it's a good way for me to wastepass time.

Also, Sta. Lucia got their Project Justice up and running. And since the other machine has its screen too dark to the point that it seems it was turned off for people to play leaves me to horde it by myself~ ^_^ I played three tokens only though since I was with my family who were busy buying clothing and materials for my niece. I have only a few complaints. One of them is that the joystick didn't pass my standards. It was stuck in a few corners here and there but still manageable...unlike some joysticks in which the down button doesn't work... Some other complaints include:

Ack! Kurow's such a pain to use. He sure has some fast and damaging moves but he gave me a surprise when I found out that his LP,LP doesn't combo into his qcf+P's. >_o What?? He moves so smoothly that he looks like he can combo into but the opponents still managed to block my attacks! -_____- I barf at you. Not only that, his moveset is very...weird. I don't know which attack will combo another (kinda like the example above).

I haven't finished a single game set with him though. Powered Akira whooped my arse easily on both rounds. She's so powerful, I wish I could play her better next time. I also haven't gotten past Kyosuke but he was just lucky that time (I was using Yurika and I was lacking some timing then). Using Vatsu's also annoying. Why the heck did they make his f+HP a knockback?? *is used with the normal/Burning Batsu*

Well, that's it for today. I still have an assignment to get to. Ja.

"With great power comes with great superiority complex."
- Me during our Introduction to Sociology class


Hen, ne?

Affliction: Crushing on Vanessa (KoF)
Remedy: A whack on the head?
Requiem: Ready Steady Go - L`Arc~en~Ciel

THEY INSTALLED A NEW KOF 2002 AT OUR PLACE (school)!!! Whee~ After all these times, I am finally able to play Vanessa, Mature, etc...again! *happily crying* One of the buttons, C/HP/2/whatever you call it, sucks though. The second player joystick isn't what you could call friendly either...which is fine. More for me, yey! I'll just need practice dodging and stuff.


Also, I got some other rankings apart from the usual in PJ. I finally got a Natsu if I haven't said that yet, a Hinata and a Roy!! Very high show and still having good skill? Well, it must be the Party ups I've been using recently. Hehe. I get the ranks if I'm only using Kyosuke as one of my characters though. :/ I need to practice on other characters...

And IMO, the Pacific High School has the most visually impressive Party-up there is. *fave* =3

Oh and yeah! EPISODE 78!!

"Everyday is never quiet."
-Suzuhara Shiroji, Time for School