Double Strike !!

Requiem: Primal Light - Guilty Gear

I don't have Double Strafe yet. Haha~ It's been the longest time since I've become an archer...and I know I said that sometime ago. RO makes you miss stuff that happened a long time ago. For example, my first class is the archer which, unfortunately, didn't go too well. I remember having all the stats, Luck included, and made a rather poor archer (both figuratively and financially). Hence the last job you'll ever see me use is of the archer class.

So why RO, because my friends are back in RO. What else? IT'S GEEKOUT TOMORROW!! Yey! After a month or so of not seeing each other, except Liu and Jake having seen them just last week, we finally get together for a much well-deserved break. Their break, at least. This week's my midterms. Ahahaha~ *shh*

Useless info: I almost managed to make an "Orange Party" in PJ but I ended up getting Ran's Red/Pink outfit instead. That and on another team, Hayato got black. x_x I want Orange!

Not as useless info: Akira is fun though I might need to practice using her longer. Lance told me I'm pretty good at using her though. No surprise there. I beat his best character, Roy, using her.


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