Hen, ne?

Affliction: Crushing on Vanessa (KoF)
Remedy: A whack on the head?
Requiem: Ready Steady Go - L`Arc~en~Ciel

THEY INSTALLED A NEW KOF 2002 AT OUR PLACE (school)!!! Whee~ After all these times, I am finally able to play Vanessa, Mature, etc...again! *happily crying* One of the buttons, C/HP/2/whatever you call it, sucks though. The second player joystick isn't what you could call friendly either...which is fine. More for me, yey! I'll just need practice dodging and stuff.


Also, I got some other rankings apart from the usual in PJ. I finally got a Natsu if I haven't said that yet, a Hinata and a Roy!! Very high show and still having good skill? Well, it must be the Party ups I've been using recently. Hehe. I get the ranks if I'm only using Kyosuke as one of my characters though. :/ I need to practice on other characters...

And IMO, the Pacific High School has the most visually impressive Party-up there is. *fave* =3

Oh and yeah! EPISODE 78!!

"Everyday is never quiet."
-Suzuhara Shiroji, Time for School


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