Affliction: Chronic Boredom
Remedy: New Hobbies
Requiem: Obsession (Strings Version) - Yuki Kajiura

Most everything recently has been so,


Crap it! I haven't seen much anything new lately. Okay, so maybe a few video clips and some forum posts but they can only do so little to keep me occupied. The roleplaying I'm in to does give me a big impact but I needed situations so that I could fit myself in. So far, I seem to look like an uneccessary and very unpopular character (take me out and everything still goes on normally). Yeah. I'm not a great roleplayer as Sean.

College? Worse! Math has I don't get perfect scores but then, our math has the word "REVIEW!!! all over. Same deal with DYNAREL (Dynamics in Religion). Economics is also pretty much a review as well although it's harder to lose attention since he's our best prof around. Then, I would Sociology class but the time is set rather early. Even if I met Liu beforehand in the train, it'd never last 10 minutes and I'm back to being sleepy.

On the other note, at least I got good remarks and grades on most of my presentations at school. ^_^

Also, I find Arvin improving in PJ rather drastically. He still uses the monotonous Shoma combo and still needs lots of practice in timing his skills but he could now at least survive until he fights Demon Hyo...though mostly he was just throwing baseballs, grabbing opponents, and using party-ups back then.

And I think I'm improving with Akira! Yey me!! Maybe, if I practice Powered Akira enough, I might finally pull off the rather complex combo stated in the movelist I have. My sessions with P.Akira are limited though (I can only play her in story mode or if I'm in Sta. Lucia). But still, you'd gotta love her kicks!

Speaking of kicks, Taekwon Classes revealed today! *kick* =P

"Apr├Ęs ceci, le lit" (After this, the bed)
- Me cuz I'm so sleepy


  • At 7:50 PM , Anonymous urumi said...

    Arrr... You still find things uneventful for you, eh? Sem break is drawing near for me and I'm running out of thrill already. -__-;;

    Ahaha! Things are still looking quite good for you my sabotager friend. XD


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